Build Your Very Own UFO Detector!

Print out the above graphic and attach it to the jar on your UFO detector.

Last updated 03/14/2019

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Making your own UFO detector from scratch is a simple and fun project. It's a project that will take a couple of hours' time, but it has the potential of returning great dividends.

Basically, whenever a shift in magnetism occurs, such as that caused by a UFO, the detector will set off an alarm.

What you need:


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Measurements are not critical in this design. As long as your detector resembles the drawings, it will work. First off, get a piece of sandpaper and polish up your copper wire. If there is an insulated coating on it, sand that off. You need to shape your copper wire. The wire should be thick enough to hold its shape when bent. See the illustrations for how to shape the wire. Cut the main piece of wire about 1 foot on length. Bend it to match the illustrations. Drill a hole just big enough to fit the ire in into your wood base. The hole should go halfway through. Put some glue in the hole, and slide wire #1 in place. Allow time for the glue to set.

Bend a loop in wire #2. You want the magnet to hover about an inch or two from the base. You can attach the magnet to the wire in any way you like. If the magnet is a ceramic one, drill a hole in it so the wire just fits, and glue the end of wire #2 into it. Allow time for the glue to dry.

Hang the loop onto the fold you put in wire #1. You will need to make a loop of wire that will complete the circuit. You need to have it hang about 2 inches from the base. The loop itself should be about 1 or 2 inches in diameter. The smaller the loop, the more sensitive the detector will be.

When you have that assembly done, drill a hole halfway through the base, put some glue in the hole, and slide the loop assembly in. Allow for the glue to dry.

Your UFO detector is complete now except for the wiring. You need to cut your wire in three pieces: one that leads from the main wire to the battery, one that leads from the loop to the piezo buzzer, and a shorter wire that leads from the battery to the buzzer. Remove the insulation about 1/2" from each of the ends of your three pieces of wire.

Warm your soldering iron up. Solder the end of one wire to the bottom of the main piece of thick copper wire. Solder another insulated wire to the bottom of the loop.

Attach the wires to the battery and the piezo buzzer, following the wiring diagram. If you can't find a piezo buzzer, a doorbell will do. You need to make sure your battery is the same voltage you need as your doorbell.

Finally, place your UFO detector on a flat base. Cover it with your pickle jar. This will keep air currents from setting off a false alarm.

Now, you are ready for UFOs!

I have included a graphic that you can print and paste onto your UFO detector. It's not necessary to do this, but it will make it look cool.


Sensitivity of this device is dictated by three things:

I have read reports of at least one person saying that this detector works. They didn't spot a UFO, but an airplane did set it off. This shows that the UFO detector will work for several miles.

Tip: always have a camera handy, either a digital camera, or a camera filled with photo film. What's the point of seeing a UFO if you can't prove you saw it, after all?

Finally, we sell an electronic UFO detector that is every bit as sensitive and accurate as the one on this page.

UFO Detector

ufo detector

Many UFOs have been reported to have strong magnetic fields.  This small device can detect such fields.  It's a simple gaussmeter, that is, a device that detects magnetic fields.  When a strong magnetic field is detected, the detector's light turns on and it puts out a loud tone, notifying you that UFOs are near.  And be sure to have a camera ready when your detector finds a UFO!  $10.00 each postpaid.