The Good Life, The Science Fiction and Beer Channel Way!

Last updated 03/12/2019

the good life

Well guys, eventually I will get episode 1 of The Good Life finished.  Until then, I have composed a few web pages that relate to what I think The Good Life is all about.  To me, it's personal accomplishment, as well as good food, good drink, good entertainment, and a woman by your side.  You might think it's something different.  Fair enough.  Let me know what all of you think the good life is all about.

The ancient Greek philosophers had this to say, accoding to Wikipedia:
"The Good Life or Good Life may refer to eudaimonia, a philosophical term for the life that one would like to live, originally associated with Aristotle."  The life that one would like to live

In other words, the good life is, by definition, not the one you are living now, and perhaps not even attainable; an ideal to strive for.  No, I am not buying into that.

There are a lot of dfinitions of The Good Life on the web.  The one that sums all of them up the best is from The Collins English Dictionary:

"If you say that someone is living the good life, you mean that they are living in comfort and luxury with few problems or worries."   Now that I can live with!

Links on this website dedicated to the good life.

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