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The Roku board of directors met to discuss how to further stigmatize private channels.

We will be carrying links to articles about the Roku platform.  Roku is fairly new on the streaming scene, but thanks to things like its private channels, and the many free channels, it is now the #1 streaming video provider.  It's already bigger than an industry powerhouse, Dish Network.  But, at the same time, it isn't making a whole lot of money.

Things will be changing soon for Roku users, as Roku tries to find ways to increase revenue.  Whatever happens will be listed here.

One change will come about as the direct result of Roku's attempt to censor private channels: Roku users will gravitate to other platforms that have the content they want.  One attempt by Roku to address this was The Roku Channel, which consists of a small amount of movies, readily available on other channels.  Nope, that doesn't quite address the issue at all.

On a personal note, I bought my Rokus for the free content.  The first thing I did was remove the pay channels such as Netflix.

On the Mexico ruling against Roku: Cable TV is dying.  It is a technological dinosaur, and is losing out to streaming video platforms.  Rather than admit this simple fact and trying to make their product more compatible with new video options, the cable companies have decided to go the easy route: trying to eliminate the competition by legal chicanery.

I have news for them and Mexican Cablevision: it won't work.  As the saying goes, you're on the wrong side of history.

In St. Louis, we had a situation that parallels the Roku/Mexico one.  A supermarket chain called Gibson's was losing money.  No one wanted to shop there.  So they decided to sue the #1 supermarket in St. Louis, Schnucks, for a number of reasons, none of which held water.  The Gibson's owners were going to take the money they won in the lawsuit, and use it to expand their stores, without, of course, addressing the reason why people didn't shop there in the first place.

In this case, common sense prevailed: the court threw the case out, and Gibson's went out of business, to the regret of no one.  If only common sense would take a hand in the Roku case.

I do like the use of the term "pirate."  Piractes were used for centuries as a way of carrying out government policy. During Prohibition, they were looked up to, and their actions helped to end an extremely unpopular law.  Nowadays, we have the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where the pirates are the heroes.  To all of the "pirates" out there: wear that appellation with pride.

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"Roku hardware sales have been sluggish, actually falling slightly through the first half of 2017."  As predicted.  When will Roku learn how much of an asset private channels are?

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The solution is so simple!  Just buy a new Roku player!  And keep on buying them as Roku "upgrades" its system.  Thry're doing it out of the kindness of their hearts!

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Roku Shows FBI Warning to Pirate Channel Users
"We need to intimidate our users more.  Sure, they bought Rokus, but what have they done for us in the last 10 minutes?"

Roku - The Kleenex And Postage Scale Problem
Note: This is a well thought out article, looking at Roku from an investor's point of view.  However, this is one of those obnoxious websites that demand you sign up before you can read an entire article.  If you have a throwaway email address, use it, or create a one-time use email addrerss to avoid getting pesky email from these people.

The Hammer Falls on XTV Once Again

XTV2 is gone.  The guy put real effort into assembling a 100% public domain channel.  But Roku was gunning for him.  If he had put nothing but home movies, they'd have still shut him down: he was an example for other prcontent providers.  I suspect the message here is: Even if you make a good faith effort to have nothing but public domain videos, Roku will still shut you down.

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Roku is Building an Anti-Piracy Team
I can see the board meeting: "Yes, we need to alienate our content providers even more."

XTV is Back as XTV2
It's all public domain stuff.   Thank you, Roku, for ruining something that was once really, really good.

Roku Just Banned XTV – One of The Most Popular Pirate Roku Channels
I would edit this to say that it was one of the most popular channels on Roku, public or private.

XTV another popular private Roku channel with questionable content was recently taken down by Roku for claims of copyright violations.
As Roku owners, we can't just sit and take this.  We have to do something.  But what?  Suggestions are welcome.

I used to be a huge fan of Roku.  I believed in the product.  I'd encourage people to buy the boxes.  Now I am wondering if I made a mistake.

"...Bye roku ... You will feel the pain and a reduced ipo as users move to other platforms..." --Kirk J Carrigan, in a Facebook post

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