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This page last updated 02/28/2019

We will be carrying links to articles about the Roku platform.  Roku is fairly new on the streaming scene, but thanks to things like its private channels, and the many free channels, it is now the #1 streaming video provider.  It's already bigger than an industry powerhouse, Dish Network.  But, at the same time, it isn't making a whole lot of money.

Things will be changing soon for Roku users, as Roku tries to find ways to increase revenue.  Whatever happens will be listed here.

One change will come about as the direct result of Roku's attempt to censor private channels: Roku users will gravitate to other platforms that have the content they want.  One attempt by Roku to address this was The Roku Channel, which consists of a small amount of movies, readily available on other channels.  Nope, that doesn't quite address the issue at all.

On a personal note, I bought my Rokus for the free content.  The first thing I did was remove the pay channels such as Netflix.

On the Mexico ruling against Roku: Cable TV is dying.  It is a technological dinosaur, and is losing out to streaming video platforms.  Rather than admit this simple fact and trying to make their product more compatible with new video options, the cable companies have decided to go the easy route: trying to eliminate the competition by legal chicanery.

I have news for them and Mexican Cablevision: it won't work.  As the saying goes, you're on the wrong side of history.

In St. Louis, we had a situation that parallels the Roku/Mexico one.  A supermarket chain called Gibson's was losing money.  No one wanted to shop there.  So they decided to sue the #1 supermarket in St. Louis, Schnucks, for a number of reasons, none of which held water.  The Gibson's owners were going to take the money they won in the lawsuit, and use it to expand their stores, without, of course, addressing the reason why people didn't shop there in the first place.

In this case, common sense prevailed: the court threw the case out, and Gibson's went out of business, to the regret of no one.  If only common sense would take a hand in the Roku case.

There are some hotheads who like to use the term "pirates" to describe some Roku channels, as if that was a bad thing.

I do like the use of the term "pirate."  Pirates were used for centuries as a way of carrying out government policy, throughout the world.  During Prohibition, they were looked up to, and their actions helped to end an extremely unpopular law.  Nowadays, we have the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where the pirates are the heroes.  To all of the "pirates" out there: wear that appellation with pride.

Comments by me are in italics. Comments from the pages themselves are marked by quotation marks.

Roku's New Way to Make Money
"The Roku Channel was all about free content, until it wasn't."

Roku's Flexing Its Ability to Compete Like Amazon or Google
"Roku is sacrificing profits on its streaming players for account growth, and it's worth every penny."

Roku Is The Pickaxe To The Streaming Video Gold Rush

"Roku has shrewdly, yet with little understanding from Wall Street, begun on a path that will make it the Facebook of Television and the pickaxe to the entire streaming video revolution, with already 1 in 5 U.S. TV households now using the Roku platform to stream at least a portion of their TV viewing."

Roku Expects to Be a Billion-Dollar Company This Year
"2019 will be an investment year for Roku, and it expects to manage the company for break-even profitability as it invests."

Roku Stock Is Extended on the Upside: Be Cautious
TL:DR: Roku stock is up, but can just as easily plummet.

Roku is winning the connected TV race, and Amazon probably won't catch up anytime soon
"According to eMarketer's latest forecast, 59.2 million people in the US will access the internet via a Roku device or its operating system (OS) at least once per month in 2018."

Roku Adds TV Speakers To Streaming Video Hardware Lineup
"...the new Roku speakers work only with TVs running the company's smart TV operating system."

vRoku is in the ad business, not the hardware business, says CEO
"...the money that Roku makes from its hardware lineup isn’t enough to sustain the company’s business."

Roku's Speaker Deal Makes No Sense
"The company's new wireless speaker may be a head-scratcher, but it's not likely to do any long-term damage to the company."

Roku Sinks Despite Needham Lifting Price Target to $60
"Needham's bullish note on Roku Inc. (ROKU)  wasn't enough to keep investors from selling the stock Tuesday, July 24."

Roku Bans Popular Social IPTV Linking Service cCloud TV
Another private channel killed by Roku.  When will it end?

YouTube TV and Roku: Why your cable box and TiVo days are numbered
This is mostly about YouTube, but Roku is mentioned from time to time.

Roku's Business is Not What You Think
"Roku is more than just a commodity streaming device maker."

Roku is a Buy Again
"While Roku shot up dramatically after its first earnings report, it has lost nearly half of its value since the peak."

How Roku Inc. Shares Fell 24% Last Month
"Despite a deluge of good news and bullish research notes, the young stock continued February's negative momentum and kept falling in March."

Roku shares jump more than 5 percent after announcing it will offer ESPN+
Oh wow!  Another channel w have to pay extra for.  This is why we all abandoned cable for Roku in the first place.

Amazon's Fire TV boss: We're beating Roku, and we're still doing smart TV
I find both sides in this story distasteful.

Here's How Roku Plans to Stay Ahead of the Connected Home Curve
"Its latest moves may not bring in much direct revenue, but they'll help keep the Roku TV operating system at the core of home entertainment."

Roku is making its own voice assistant

"Roku is working on its own voice assistant to take on Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant. You can call it ... "Roku.""

Roku CEO on How the Disney-Fox Merger Impacts Streaming Video

"The company had revenue of $324 million in the first nine months of 2017, mostly from devices that sell for $30 and up, but Wood says the future of Roku's business will be selling ads on its platform."

Why Cal-Maine Foods, Roku, and Core-Mark Holding Slumped Today
"Roku stock declined nearly 10% in the wake of its second analyst downgrade in two days."

Roku Stock Downgraded: What You Need to Know
"...Citigroup argues that over the next 12 months, Roku shares could be nearly cut in half in value, falling from yesterday's closing price of more than $51 a share to as low as $28."

Roku will have its own Roku: YouTube, Netflix Dominance Bodes Ill, Says Morgan Stanley
"(Roku)... must negotiate for greater economic share from its content partners over time and then sell that inventory to advertisers."

Roku Shares Plunge on Second Downgrade in 2 Days
It's happening as we predicted, slowly but surely.

Investors Are Betting Big Against Roku -- Why They're Wrong
"The number of shares of Roku sold short have ballooned up to 7.7 million, but the bears have been the ones getting burned."

APPLE APPS TECH YouTube TV delays Apple TV and Roku apps until early 2018
"Along with the Apple TV and Roku apps, which a YouTube representative told CNET would be available sometime in Q1 2018, YouTube TV apps for older Samsung and Sony smart TVs are also in the works. Although like the Apple TV and Roku apps, an exact release date has not been announced."

TheNeedham's Laura Martin Offers A Few Reasons Roku Shouldn't Be Affected By Amazon's Apple TV, Chromecast Offering
'Roku’s revenue isn't entirely dependent on the device and is partly composed of streaming services, which are seen to be similarly unaffected by Amazon’s product sales."

TheCan Roku Stock Keep Going After Last Week's 15% Pop?
"The pioneer of streaming media players padded its gains with a nearly 15% pop last week."

TheRoku Is In No Position To Compete With Amazon, Google And Apple
"Given the level of competition, Roku will likely need to sell players at a loss in an effort to increase its market share."

The Science Fiction and Beer Channel has been picked as one of the 25 best Roku private channels!
Thank you,!
Investors Should Sell Roku Inc Stock Before “Getting Garmined”
The basic premise of the article is that as smart TVs grow in popularity, Roku boxes will become obsolete.

Why Roku Shares May Fall 30% Further
"Roku shares have tumbled by roughly 16.5 percent since November 27 and may be headed even lower based on the company's valuation."

Why Roku's Rocketing Stock May Flame Out
"Roku is merely a device that offers users a way to access content with no competitive or first-mover advantage, and is not worthy of a $5 billion valuation."

Short-seller Andrew Left predicts Roku shares will plunge 40% in debate with analyst
"You're talking about an extremely hot market. A highly shorted stock and a note that puts a big target on it. We've seen this so many times...I'm sure we'll see the stock trade right back to … $28."

Sorry, Roku Is No Netflix
"Roku trades at an unsustainable valuation that far exceeds Netflix, despite being unprofitable."

How to Start a Roku Channel for Your Small Business
"By providing personalized information about your industry, products, services, new technologies, and even tutorials you will become a valuable resource your customers can count on."

Roku Express review: Cheap, decent, and probably still not the streaming box for you
He refers to the Roku Express as "passable."  Great praise indeed!

Roku's Stock Could Drop By Half
"After such a strong run-up, investors are likely to take profits off the table. It is not often that investors can book a profit of over 100% in less than a month. So, I expect selling pressure from investors who will sell their positions to lock in their profit."

Boycott Roku
Boycotts generally don't work.  Remember the boycott against Target, started by religious fanatics?  The number of p
eople who actually boycotted Target was so small that it had no effect on their sales.  Still, we give the guy doing this an A for sheer courage alone.

The best free Roku channels according to our customers
A laugh riot!  They started out with some people describing their favorite free channels, and then a bunch of righteous Roku users came on, angry about the deletion of popular Roku private channels.  Watch the fur fly!

Roku: Potential Acquisition Target With 33% Upside
"Roku is an extremely promising acquisition target, especially for Microsoft, which may wish to enter the smart TV operating system market due to synergies with existing markets."

Is There Any Stopping Roku? Shares Soar Another 28%
"...user growth is a key metric for Roku investors, which is why Wall Street is excited that Roku will be licensing its streaming technology to the manufacturer of Philips televisions."

Roku Founder Becomes Billionaire After Shares Double in Three Days
"Even by the turbo-charged standards of Silicon Valley, the three-day surge in the fortune of Anthony Wood has been meteoric."

Roku hits record high on Philips licensing deal
Roku will be installed in Philips brand smart TVs, starting this year.

Roku Earnings Report Rocked their Stock
"Roku stock has been floundering a bit lately. Even with the release of new hardware in October, it failed to generate any significant movement in their stock prices."

Roku Stock Skyrockets After Solid First Earnings Report
Now this is interesting.  Contrast this with the story just above.  What is the truth here?

Tha man who invented the DVR says Roku is the future of TV
He admits that people come to Roku for the free content, and not the paid channels.

Roku Is Doubling Down on Voice, May Be Building Smart Speaker
"(Roku) may be building an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker or similar voice-centric products."

Roku Streaming Stick Plus review
"Your best bet remains the Chromecast Ultra, at least until Vudu (or another service) gets HDR10 support together."   Not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it?

Roku Privacy Policy Updated
This article covers how Roku monitors users, and how users can turn that monitoring off.

Why 'Firestick that sh*t' became shorthand for pirating our favorite films and TV shows
An interesting article, listing a possible alternative to Roku.

Roku, Inc. (ROKU) Given Average Recommendation of “Hold” by Brokerages
From "Hold is an analyst's recommendation to neither buy nor sell a security. A company with a hold recommendation generally is expected to perform with the market or at the same pace as comparable companies. This rating is better than sell but worse than buy, meaning that investors with existing long positions shouldn't sell, but investors without a position shouldn't purchase either."

Roku: An Overhyped Tech Stock Set To Suffer The Same Fate As Snap
"In 2016, Roku reported at a net loss for the year of $42.8 million; in Q2 2017, the company reported a loss of $15.5 million, a concerning increase from 2016's average quarterly loss of $10.7 million."

YouTube TV is rolling out on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and more
Now YouTube wants to expand into pay programming.  Stick with funny cat videos, guys.

DIRECTV NOW Offers a Free Roku Streaming Stick for New DIRECTV NOW Users
And Charter Cable is now offering Roku Express boxes to new subscribers.  As they say, "If you can't beat them join them."

Roku, A Streaming Pure Play Buy?
An in-depth look at the Roku stock's possibilities for growth.

ROKU: Analyst Upgrades? Or Chefs Claiming Their Food Is The Best?
"The momentum is bearish and getting more so. After a few days of very tight trading, the Bollinger bands have started opening up and unfortunately for Roku, they are heading lower."

In shift to content distribution, Roku may stream to third-party devices

More information on the change in Roku.

Roku Wants to Start Streaming to Third-Party Devices (EXCLUSIVE)
This is a logical next step. People are fleeing Roku for other, less restrictive platforms..  If The Roku Channel is any indication of what they'll be offering, it will not take the market by storm.

Roku Just Banned Channel Pear – One of The Most Popular Private Roku Channels
Roku's stock prices and sales are going down, at the same time they're destroying popular private channels.  I'm sure it's all a coincidence.  And smoking doesn''t cause cancer either.  You bet.

Does Roku's Place As Streaming Market Leader Make It A Buy?
"At publication, shares of Roku were down 4.62 percent at $20.86."

Wall Street Rolls Out First Batch of Roku Buy Ratings
"So far today, Roku shares have already lost more than 4% of their value, as investors recoil in horror, and no wonder. Of the six investment bankers who commented on Roku this morning, each of which helped to bring Roku to market one month ago, only two are endorsing the shares today."
Can Roku Compete in Streaming Video on Demand?
An article on The Roku Channel, and its many shortcomings.

3 Reasons Why I've Changed My Tune on Roku Stock
"Roku hardware sales have been sluggish, actually falling slightly through the first half of 2017."  As predicted.  When will Roku learn how much of an asset private channels are?

YouTube Not Working On Many Older Roku Players
The solution is so simple!  Just buy a new Roku player!  And keep on buying them as Roku "upgrades" its system.  They're doing it out of the kindness of their hearts!

Can Roku Stock Bounce Back After Last Week's 13% Drop?
As we predicted, it's begun.  But will Roku wise up?

Why Roku Inc (ROKU) IPO Will Be Different Than Other Recent IPOs

Roku Shows FBI Warning to Pirate Channel Users
We need to intimidate our users more.  Sure, they bought Rokus, but what have they done for us in the last 10 minutes?

Roku - The Kleenex And Postage Scale Problem
Note: This is a well thought out article, looking at Roku from an investor's point of view.  However, this is one of those obnoxious websites that demand you sign up before you can read an entire article.  If you have a throwaway email address, use it, or create a one-time use email addrerss to avoid getting pesky email from these people.

The Hammer Falls on XTV Once Again

XTV2 is gone.  The guy put real effort into assembling a 100% public domain channel.  But Roku was gunning for him.  If he had put nothing but home movies, they'd have still shut him down: he was an example for other content providers.  I suspect the message here is: Even if you make a good faith effort to have nothing but public domain videos, Roku will still shut you down.

Roku Inc (ROKU) Stock Good Times Will Not Last

Roku TVs Make It Easier to Use a TV Antenna

Roku: Gamble On Eventual Original Content

Why does Roku’s brand-new Streaming Stick+ use an ancient Mini USB port?

Roku Just Released a Slate of New Streaming Players

Roku is Building an Anti-Piracy Team
Yes, we need to alienate our content providers even more.

XTV is Back as XTV2
It's all public domain stuff.   Thank you, Roku, for ruining something that was once really, really good.

Roku Just Banned XTV – One of The Most Popular Pirate Roku Channels
I would edit this to say that it was one of the most popular channels on Roku, public or private.

XTV another popular private Roku channel with questionable content was recently taken down by Roku for claims of copyright violations.

As Roku owners, we can't just sit and take this.  We have to do something.  But what?  Suggestions are welcome.

I used to be a huge fan of Roku.  I believed in the product.  I'd encourage people to buy the boxes.  Now I am wondering if I made a mistake.

"...Bye roku ... You will feel the pain and a reduced ipo as users move to other platforms..." --Kirk J Carrigan, in a Facebook post

Study: Broadcast Only Homes Jump 41% in 5 Years
(more proof cable and satellite TV are dying)

African Video Streaming Service Kwesé Launches Roku Box With Netflix

Roku launches its own channel featuring free, ad-supported movies

Roku’s boxes offer thousands of channels — but viewers are largely just tuning in Netflix Troy Wolverton, Business Insider US September 1, 2017

A Roku IPO problem: Netflix and YouTube are huge on Roku, but they don’t make Roku any money

Roku cracks down on private channels

Is Roku Going After Users Who Installed Pirate Channels?

Roku files for IPO, looking to raise $100M

Roku Now Owns 37% of Streaming Hardware Market by Karl Bode

Roku is the top streaming device in the U.S and still growing, report finds

Roku is killing Apple (and everyone else) in the streaming device space

What we learned from the Roku IPO filing: It needs ads

Here's how Roku — the electronics company that's kept Apple and Amazon at bay — makes money Becky Peterson 21h 6,140

Roku slashed the price of its newest Streaming Stick and you’re nuts if you don’t get one

Roku Is Warning Users That 'Non-Certified Channels' Are Not To Be Trusted

Mexico court suspends sale of Roku TV streaming gadgets

Another judgement upholds Roku ban