Classic eBay Scams!

150 inch projection TV!

At one time, eBay was a sort of wild west area.  People sold what they wanted.  In those early days, the most popular items (for sellers) were the "products" that could be either emailed, or accessed by purchasers by clicking on a s00per sekrit link.

Just about anything was sold: recipes, instructions for real or dubious devices, computer hacks, and so on.  While there are still people that sell e-books, the days of selling files are now, happily, over.  A lot of these guides and so on could be found online for free by doing Google searches.  Once eBay users realized that, all of the "pay money for something that costs us nothing" ads ceased.

Below are some classic items.  And if you want to try your luck on eBay selling these, go right ahead.  You'll get a lot of "I get the gist of it, can you hekp me do it?" emails from bottom dwellers.

I can see the appeal that these "products" had.  You have some guy, down on his lucck, and he resents it.  And then, someone comes along, and tells him what he had suspected for years: there is Secret Knowledge that can improve his life, whether that knowledge is how to clean up his credit, or how to build a large projection TV.  Why, for just a few dollars he can have that knowledge, and improve his life.  He'll be better than his friends.

And thus many a sucker has sent off their money, in search of an elusive dream that never comes true.

Build your own 150 inch projection TV!

This is a standard cardboard and duct tape device.  While it does work, you will get a dim, blurry image.  150 inches is way beyond its limits.  Most of the people ordering this wouldn't have enough room in their apartments to make the image that large anyway.

I am not too sure if this would work with flat screen TVs.  But the whole point of those TVs is the high definition picture.  What you'd get would be blurry at best.

Build Your Own UFO Detector!

A true classic!  What you got was plans for a crude mechanical gaussmeter.  While it would detect a strong magnetic field, it is debatable that it would detect UFOs.  On the other hand, if there was a global thermonuclear war, it would detect the magnetic pulses from that.  Mind you, looking out the window or hearing the air raid sirens would provide a better clue.  We offer an electronic UFO detector that is more accurate than this one.  The link is below.

Or better still, buy our much more accurate UFO detector!

And we offer a money back guarantee!

Make your own lava lamp!

Yes, this works.  But it's made of scrounged materials, and won't look half as good as the lamps that you buy.

  75 pizza recipes

I couldn't have this list without a recipe file or two, could I?  Recipes used to pollute eBay like so much glitter on a 2nd grader's art project.  And usually the recipes were just made up, or recopied from the web.  There is no guarantee that any of these would produce decent results.

50 communion wafer recipes

Well, yes, these are genuine recipes, but the big problem is in baking the waferrs so they are baked but not brown.  Still, as the author points out, there is no consensus among Christians about what is in communion wafersd-- just as there is no consensus on their basic beliefs.

3000 reports!

Reports on everything from UFOs to how to start your own prostitution service.  The knowledge is a bit dated in some of them, and others are just one or two paragraphs.  But knowledge is power!  This is a ZIP file.  Right click to download it, and use 7zip or Winzip to decompress the files.

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