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The Science Fiction and Beer Channel has been picked as one of the 25 best Roku private channels!
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Roku has decided to shoot itself in the foot, due to losing as court case in Mexico.  You can read two stories about the debacle bby clicking the above link.

In an over reaction that would make YouTube blush, Roku has renamed privaate channels as "non certified" channels, and putting up a threat to anyone who wants to subscribe to a private channel:

THIS IS A NON-CERTIFIED CHANNEL. Roku requires all channels to abide by Roku’s terms and conditions, and to distribute only legal content. Roku does not test or review non-certified channels. You acknowledge you are accessing a non-certified channel that may include content that is offensive or inappropriate for some audiences. Moreover, if Roku determines that this channel violates copyright, contains illegal content, or otherwise violates Roku’s terms and conditions, then ROKU MAY REMOVE THIS CHANNEL WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE, AND YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE BLOCKED FROM ADDING ANY OTHER NON-CERTIFIED CHANNELS.

OK class, let's go over the basic facts:

Roku is now the #1 streaming video platform.  Nothing else even comes close.

The one thing that sets Roku apart are the private channels.  Anyone with time and patience can start up a channel.

R0ku seems to be strongly implying that they would just like the private channels to go away, even though they are arguably the reason people buy Rokus in the first place.

Roku is definitely threatening fans of private channels (which consist of probably close to 100% of Roku users) .

If someone wanted to come up with a platform similar to Roku, but without the "Yes, you helped build us to where we are today, now f*** off," attitude, I can see people breaking down their doors to get in on it.

I think a better solution would have been to have Roku to say something along the lines of

"We stand behind our content providers.  We realize there are a lot of channels which provide public domain films and TV shows.  In some cases, there might be a dispute as to that public domain status.  We are willing to work with channels, including lists of films and TV shows in the public domain. 

We assume all of the channels are operating in good faith, and are willing to contact each of them with infringing content, listing that contentt, and working with them to end Any possible infringement problems.

I am reminded of YouTube a few years ago: it became common practice to issue DMCA (infringement) claims, which would make YouTube automatically remove videos.  This often happened if the person making the claim didn't agree with the videos in question.  YouTube finally got wise to that, and false DMCA claims are less frequent.

Could that happen to Roku channels too?  I have yet to see anything from Roku addressing the possibility.  The implication is that Roku will sweep down, turning off channels with infringing content, without any sort of a warning or hearing. 

I find it telling that every website about Roku still use the term "private channels," rather than the ominous "non-certified channels."  They';re not buying into it.  They know what the facts are.

It's ironic that Mexico ruled against Roku.  In the Mexican courts, our idea of justice is stood on its head: Guilty until proven innocent.  That is exactly what Roku is aiming for.

And, if you're worried, Roku isn't going to take away your right to see private channels.  It's an empty threat.  They may be trying to kill off private channels, but that's another subject.

When I got my first Roku, I got thr collector mentality: I added channels left and right, just to have them.  I'd brag to my cable TV using friends that I had 700 channels. 

Now, I'm a bit more picky.  I try to add channels I'll actually watch, instead of just collecting them.  Really, with 700+ channels, how can you watch them all?  Mind you, I haven't trimmed the list down: I just add less to it.

I decided to use the "move channel" feature on Roku, moving the most watched channels to the top of the list.  I had less than 10.  But, by gosh and by golly, I have over 700 channels on my Roku,and the bragging rights that come with that.

One of the best websites for Roku private channels is  mkvXstream.   A lot of the subscribers I have now came directly from mkvXstream and websites like it.  Another good source is.Roku Guide, though they don't update theire listings, so you have to wade through orphaned and shut down channels.

Streamfree is another source for private channels.

With all of the above channel listings, expect a lot of dead channels.  Roku is going on a rampage.  One of the above websites has listings that are current as of June of 2016.  In Augusr, Roku started pulling private channels on a wide scale, measning that list is already defunct.

Two ways this listing differs from the above listings is that this is a smaller list, of the channels that I like.  Secondly, this list will be updated every couple of months.   

Finally, there is a basic question that needs to be answered: What is a Roku private channel (I don't use the alarmist and misleading term "non-certified channels")?  When a Roku developer decides to make a channel, they have a choice: make it public, which means having it listed in the Roku channel store, or make it private.  Private channels have less scrutiny over them; developers don't have to follow arcane rules, which can change quite often.  So there are definite advantages to not going public.

At the same time, some private channels are so successful that they are redone as public channels.  Once a private channel is created, it's can't be turned into a public channel-- but there is no reason that the name and content can't be resubmitted as public.

The one rule I apply to all channels I subscribe to: they should be free.  That's what makes Roku superior to cable.  If I wanted to pay for content, I'd have the cable company install a box-- and then I'd wear a cone shaped  cap with the word "DUNCE" on it.

One private channel, Clikia, is an almost exact copy of Pluto TV.  They have different channels, and after you sign up you find that most of the channels require being in a paid channel tier.  One of them is the family TV tier, which costs $7.99 a month.  You could hear the sonic boom as I rushed to remove that channel from my Roku.

It used to be fun looking over the huge lists of private channels out there, and go over all of the new ones each month.  With Roku doing its best to discourage private channels, there are hardly any new channels to report on.

There are a lot of public channels that I really like.  I'll list some here from time to time.  Let's get to it.

Favorite  Roku Private Channels:

ScrapMan Jpe

Subscribe to ScrapMan Joe

ScrapMan Joe YouTube channel

Just a guy, taking apart junk, and selling the parts for cash.  That's it: No embellishments, and occasionally you hear the standard "I'm sorry, this is not a good camera." 

chibchomba tv

Subscribe to Chibchomba TV

Lots of TV channels, most of which originate in Columbia, South America, plus a smattering of channels for US network feeds, anime, and so on.  This is a worthy successor to XTV.

hungo vision

Subscribe to hungo-vision

A really odd collection of videos from the rather warped mind oi Butch Hungo.  These are all very short, and are heavy in computer produced animation.  Don't expect any of the videos to make any sense whatsoever: they're just an excuse to present some bizarre images.  If you go to their "adults only" section, do not go expecting to see hardcore pornography.  One day, when I have some free time, I would like to do a channel like this.

creature features

Subscribe to Creature Features

Creature Features website

Small collection of horror related videos from WGN in Chicago.  If you like the old Universal monsters, then this is a great place to go.


Subscribe to cCloud TV

cCloud TV website

cCloud Facebook page

A channel consisting of user submitted links  This appears to be a one man operation.  Sometimes the channel itself won't load, and at other times individual feeds won't load.  It's got the usual assortment of cable TV channels (A&E,, AMC, History, etc.), news channels, and so on.  AMC, for instance, had a fair image quality and sound.  While no substitute for XTV, it's worth having, when it works.

m3u black

Click here to add M3u Black

Click here to get instructions on how to use m3u Black
OK, I admit it.  I can't figure this one out.  You can add all sorts of channels with this; even getting all of the feeds XTV used.  I got the player, installed it, and then I looked over the list of content.  and to get a new item added, you have to type a very long URL.  After three or four attempts, I gave up.  Maybe some of you will have the stamina and/or typing skills to do it.

There is an authorized Roku M3u player called m3u Red, but that has ads.  Steer clear.


Click here to subscribe to Dailymotion

Dailymotion website

I was rather surprised to find out that this was a private channel.  This is a lot like YouTube, only with less of the kneejerk censorship you see on there.

area 53

Subscribe to Area 53

I like this channel.  Not so much for what it is, but for what it can be.  This reminds me of Science Fiction and Beer when I just started it out.  I didn't know about adding grids, and I wanted to keep it as a free channel.  In short, I learned how to do things with the channel as I went along.

In the coming months, this channel's creator will realize that for $5.00 a month he can put 100 movies up.  If ha adds the Amazon web service, which costs maybe $2.00 or so maximum per month, he can have as many movies as he wants.  But that will come in time, as he realizes the potential for expansion.

I like the fact that he has a theme for this channel: films that cashed in on the Star Wars craze.  Even with that limitation, he has a huge amount of films that he can add.

I do have a suggestion, however: he already has Jason of Star Command, which was a spinoff of Space Academy.  If he could find good prints of Space Academy, he should put those up too.  I was in college when that show came on, and I would never miss it. The magnificent thighs of Maggie Coopoer and Pamelin Ferdyn kept me coming back week after week.

There are some standard Italian and Japanese Star Wars knockoffs on this channel, and there is also Battle Beyond the Stars.  I hadn't seen that film in decades, and it was definitely fun to watch again.

Subscribe to this.  Check it out from time to time.  Who knows?  It could become almost as big as Science Fiction and Beer.

avianpost channel

Subscribe to Avianpost

Go to Avianpost website

One of my favorite channels.  The developer has walked away from it, leaving it a shell of a channel with a few very (unintentionally) funny videos.  But what's there is good enough to keep me subscribing, in the forlorn hope that new content will be added. 

This is a bird watching channel.  But there's so much more (and less!) than that.  What makes this channel so great is  that it's got a whole "Cheech and Chong" vibe going.  The videographer, Nathan Zhang, comes across like he just smoked a big fat doobie before filming.  Nathan wanted to get a picture of a duck. But the duck flew away.  Undeterred, Nathan shows a patch of empty ground, telling us that the duck flew away.  Dig it, man.  He points up his camera at the sky to film an eagle, which we can't see.  And then he goes into the woods, talking about the birds singing, helpfully adding that we can't hear them over the soundtrack music.

This is why Roku makes it so easy to get channels up.  It's a fun little channel.  I have no idea if the production is fueled by massive marijuana usage or not, but it doesn't matter.  Science fiction fans call a book that they like "a good read."  Well, this is a good watch.  Hopefully he will pick up his camera and again show us birds that we can't see or hear.

I don't want to come across like I am making fun of the guy.  Far from it.  This channel is why I really like the Roku platform, and how they make it easy to put up channels.  This is a real person.  The channel is a very personal video record of Nathan's interests.  You can't get this sort of thing anywhere else.  YouTube comes close, but while it does bring in viewers, they don't have the enthusiasm than Roku owners have.

The Nowhere Channels

nowhere tv logo

Click here to get to the Nowhere Man's website

Click here to subscribe to Nowhere Porn

The Nowhere Man has several Roku channels, all of which are worth a look.  Channel subjects range from a channel to connect your USB to your Roku, to network TV shows, to old movies, and beyond.  You can click on the below link and pick which ones you want.  In addition, he also has Nowhere Porn, a free adult channel with hundreds of videos.  But you wouldn't be interested in that, would you?  And I bet butter doesn't melt in your mouth either.  I'll list the channel link below purely for informational purposes.

No Thank You


My999TV website, if you insist on subscribing, you must sign up here first

I am sure a lot of you have seen ads for My999TV, a Roku private channel that promises a bunch of cable channels for $9.99 a month.  On their website, they say "FINALLY.......RELIABLE LIVE TV SERVICE - 24/7 365," without any hint of sarcasm.  Adding that you can "INSTALL UNTO YOUR ROKU BOX," as if that were some sort of Biblical injunction.

$9.99 is half of what other streaming services cost.  I was considering subscribing.  However, there are two things that keep me from doing so:

1) Paying money for any private channel is a risky bit of business, considering the way Roku has been going after private channels.  People sent in their money to Channel Pear, for instance, and Roku killed that channel-- leaving everyone who had sent in their money with nothing to show for it.  There is no guarantee that My999TV won't get booted sometime in the future.

2) I must congratulate My999TV for their openness.  They have a Facebook page, and anyone can post there.  If you are thinking of subscribing to My999TV, go to that page first.  Every day there are posts about outages on channels.  The reports are so numerous that I finally gave up on the idea of subscribing.  It's a great  idea, and I wish them great success-- but spending $9.99 a month for unreliable service is no bargain.  If you like unreliable service, there's always cCloud, and that's free.

Gone But Not Forgotten

xtv logo 

XTV another popular private Roku channel with questionable content was recently taken down by Roku for claims of copyright violations.

XTV has been taken down.  As Roku users, we can sit and take it, allowing Roku to do a search and destroy on private channels, or we can take action.  Any suggestions?

UPDATE: XTV is back as XTV2.  What made XTV worth having is now gone.  It's all public domain stuff, which you can get on several other Roku channels.  I'm glad the channel's owner jumped right back in: the guy's got spunk.  Now if only his channel had some content.

...And it's back down again, as of 10/6/2017

The Hammer Falls on XTV Once Again

I did notice at least two movies on that channel that were still under copyright.  But, really, Roku probably wanted to make an example of him, so even if he had nothing but public domain stuff, they'd have found some excuse to take his channel down.

Again, I congratulate him for putting the channel back up.  But why did he bother?  Roku taking down the new channel was an absolute certainty.  It's really fun doing a Roku channel: designing the layout, getting emails from fans, and so on.  I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar he will be back, only with a different channel name.

channel pear

UPDATE: 10/26/2017

Roku Just Banned Channel Pear – One of The Most Popular Private Roku Channels

Yup, you guessed it.  Pear has been taken down, the public be damned.  I hope this place doesn't become a graveyard of murdered private channels.

Non Private Channels of Note:

movie club

There is  company called The Movie Club that has an ever growing list of channels on Roku, all with different names.  They're all public channels, and genre focused.  They have a lot of science fiction channels, as well as westerns, old TV shows and so on.  The channel titles, and accompanying artwork, are highly generic.  The content is all public domain, and there are a lot of duplicate movies among the channels.

Honestly, I don't understand what is going on here.  Few of the channels have ads.  It's as if they're trying to "stake claims" as the old miners would say.  If I click on a channel to subscribe, and it's by The Movie Club, I immediately remove it. 

There's plenty of other channels out there that specialize in public domain films: no need to get More of The Same.  That's why there is no subscription link here.  As parents have said since time immemorial, "Don't encourage them."


Subscribe to Infochammel

Infochammel website

I used to love this channel.  It's definitely worth a look.  They don't have programming so much as they have videoi segments, which are repeated often.  A lot of channel content is simple text, which looks like it was created on an old 8 bit computer.

The channel has a wonderfully twisted look at the world.  It's funny, it's weird, and it's a lot of fun.  That is, until you have seen all the video segments.  Then it's just tedious.  And that's the problem: they made a lot of really clever stuff, and then they stopped.  It's all repeats, all the time.

But when you're new to it, Infochammel is fun.  For instance, they have one segment that shows allegedly live video feeds from around the world.  It seems pretty convincing, until you realize it can't be mid afternoon all over the world at the same time.  It's a joke on the viewer, and it works.

Another segment is called Totally Intelligent Machine, which is about two scientists who stole the world's first artificially intelligent computer (a classic TRS 80 Model 4), and who are now on the run.  It's funny, it's clever, and there are apparently only 2 or 3 episodes of that show.

So, basically, subscribe to this channel, watch all of the content, get some good belly laughs, and then move on.

UPDATE 10/16/2017

I checked out Infochammel again recently.  The 8 bit text/graphics material is now just about 100% of the channel's content.  Don't bother with this until these people get their act together.

pluto tv

Subscribe to Pluto TV

Pluto TV website
Over 100 channels, such as MST3K, RiffTrax, Cracked, NewsMax, and so on.  A must-have channel for those who just dropped cable TV.  Like cable TV, most of the channels are just filler to make you think you're getting a great deal.  But there are enough good channels to make it worthwhile.

Gone, and Happily Forgotten


They billed themselves as "The Future of Fanfiction."  Apparently the future of fan fiction is to consist of poorly made, downright embarrassing to watch films.  If that's the case, count me out.

Fydo specialized in fan made films based on licensed properties, such as Green Lantern, Superman, Toy Story, Tomb Raider and so on.  The channel was great for those people who like to laugh at the ineptness of others.  It had a certain fascination, the same sort of fascination that makes people slow down to watch a car wreck. 

I don't usually sympathize with the greedhead license holders out there, but in this case I will make an exception.  The films on this channel were so bad that I'm sure they hurt the value of the licensed properties they mutilated.

I looked over Fydo frequently, hoping to find something that might show some spark of creativity.  I never did find that: just the standard fare from people who apparenltly lacked the ability to be embarrassed.

I'm sure that all the license holders got together and shut this channel down.  Good for them!  For this time (and only this time), I can agree with them.