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Last Updated 12/08/2017

This means what it says, and says what it means.  Sometimes a page is created, and no one has any interest in it.  Some of these are pages linked only internally, or simple in-jokes with friends.  But, too, I am sure that some people might want to read what is on these pages.

Listen to Real-Life Spies!

How to Host a Kickass Room Party

To Live and Die in Lemay

Home Brewing Club Links

Snacks is Good Food

Help Us Build a Rocket to the Moon!

Beer and Wine Recipes

Vacuforming 101

Soda Making 101

Eclipse 2017


The Drunkard Chef

The Brewer's Skeleton

Raise the Drinking Age to 40

The Hall of Links

Resources For Hobbyists

Free Banner Exchange

Build Your Own Projection TV

People Killed By Country Music

We're Giving Away Gold!

Classic Scams!

Bui;ld Your Own UFO Detector!

Build Your Own Lava Lamp!

50 Communion Wafer Recipes

75 Pizza Recipes

This Space For Rent!

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