The Hall of Links!

hall of links

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Books and Stories

These were selected mostly because of their obscurity.  Another criteria is that if it's a science fiction or fantasy story by an author not known for their science fiction, it's automatically included. 
Flatland by Edwin A.
                        Abbott cosmicomics by italo
                        calvino i remember lemuria by
                        richard shaver beyond the farthest
                        star by edgar rice burroughs spacehounds of ipc by
                        e e doc smith


the red one by jack
                        london the brick moon by
                        edward everett hale the crack of doom by
                        robert coromie in search of the
                        unknown by robert w chambers a trip to venus by
                        john munro


a double-barrelled
                        detective story by mark twain sold to satan by mark
                        twain the mysterious
                        stranger by mark twain letters from the earth
                        by mark twain cptain stormfield's Visit to Heaven by
                        mark twain'


the stars my
                        destination by alfred bester the demolished man by
                        alfred bester john jones's dollar by
                        harry steven keeler the short stories of
                        h.g. wells almost every issue of
                        amazing stories magazine


Science Fiction Conventions  

list of upcoming
                        science fiction conventions gallery of 1970s
                        science fiction fan costumes what are science
                        fiction conventions like? dr. nerdlove's guide
                        to fiunding love at comicon patheticon: 8 geek
                        conventions god never intended




Brewing Books /Recipes

the complete joy of
                        home brewing by charlie papazian how to brew by john
                        palmer deejays very basic
                        brewing guide extremke brewing by
                        sam calagione dr. chase's family


Cool Phrases For Cool Cats (Can You Dig It?)

english to leetspeek
                        converter fanspeak glossary hippy lingo
                        dictionary original mit hacker's
                        dictionary beer geek dictionary


Robot Building

robot mechanisms and
                      mechanical devices
robot builder's bonanza
building a better robot
build your first robot:
                      step by step plans
how to build a remote
                      controlled robot