Free Stuff!

Last updated 03/14/2019

Yes, we're giving away free stuff.  But it isn't the wimpy free stuff that other websites give away, like bumper stickers, buttons or t shirts.  We're giving away


gold, gold, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            gold, gold, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      gold, gold, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we're not giving away just any gold bars. That's for the common folks.  We're giving away


But it gets better!  Nazi gold?  There's way too much of that to make it truly something to treasure.  We're giving away gp;d from



real NAZI gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           real NAZI gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           real NAZI gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It can't get any better, can it?  Oh yes it can!  This gold is not only from Hitler's collection, it was also also once owned by Auric Goldfinger!


YES, GOLDFINGER HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just click on the link below and we will send your your gold bar!    Certificate of authenticity signed by none other than

007!      007!      007!      007!      007!      007!      007!


JAMES BOND, 007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crown  crown  crown

send me gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offer limited to supplies on hand.  It will be announced when supplies are exhausted.  Supplies are hereby exhausted.

In the event supplies are exhausted, you will receive a Science Fiction and Beer Channel bumper sticker or button or whatever else we have on hand