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This is just general nonsense that couldn't be categorized anywhere else. Call this an electronic version of a scrapbook. New items will be added here on an irregular basis. This page will always be under construction.

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Just a small town in Illinois.  Thins would be a great setting for a horror film, complete with lots of blood, and (of course) gore!

the card

An all-inclusive card that will make communication that much easier.  Just check the appropriate box(es), and hand it to your interlocutor!

dvd colver

I found this one searching my hard drive.  My plans were to issue the Science Fiction and Beer Channel movie Why Are They Here, and What Do They Wamt? on a special DVD edition.  That never came about.  Since I hate leaving things to sit without using them, here it is.

kabul express

Kabul Express, Lemay, MO.  A nice, friendly little storefront restaurant that specializes in Afghani cuisine.  I had their beef kabob, which was very well done, with just the right amount of char and fat on the beef.  This is a one-man operation, and the guy is eager to please.  He gave us an eggplant appetizer, which was quite good.  Definitely worth a return visit.


Lambert's, Sikeston, MO.  Home of "throwed rolls."  You want a roll?  They'll throw it to you.  As inevitably happens when people start having fun, someone had to rush in and try to spoil it.  Apparently the case was either thrown out or settled, as Lambert's is still throwing rolls.

Throwed Roll Leads to Lawsuit Against Lambert's Cafe

redneck trailer sipplies

Business in Sikeston, MO.  I have images of roll after roll of duct tape, and yard ornaments consisting of old refrigerators, old tires used as planters, and so, on.

3 stooges

My one claim to fame: I saw The Three Stooges in 1967.

carbo cycle

There are so many "cause" memes on Facebook that essentially demand rights that people already have.  So I figured that I should demand my right to use something I can't possibly avoid using.

ketchup suicide

An image from a lonely hearts website.  The guy that did this can't get a girl.  I can't imagine why.


Here is that bumper sticker that has been the focus of much attention on Twitter.  Poor old Charlie can't make the cut, even after all these years.  But that's no reason to shame him.  Sometimes people can be so cruel.


An image I created for a story I wrote.

cyndi lauper's best album

What would be the most absurd album ever made?  I photoshopped this together.

pilsner urkel

A pun so obvious I am surprised no one has ever thought of it.

chimps doing what they do best

There over 40 million hits total for chimps throwing sh*t.  I was going to make a Roku channel about it, but despite the popularity of the concept, there are in actuality very few videos of chimps doing that.

alpha control reference manual
jupiter 2 operator's manual

lost in space encyclopedia
time tunnel
lisfan 9
you can build the lost in space robot

inexplicable science fiction
lisfan 10
the best scenes

Twelve book and magazine covers I designed, some of which were even published.

some pages I designed for the MD80 camera.

Some pages I designed for an instruction manual for the MD80 camera.

sharpshooter grill and bbq

Sharpshooter- Grill and BBQ, St. Louis, MO.  You want barbecued ribs or turkey or pork or... whatever?  They got you covered.  You want to buy yourself a shootin' iron, or some ammo?  They got you covered.  You want to go to a shooting range and fire off some rounds?  They got you covered.  What more could you possibly want?

I ordered the half slab of ribs special.  They were great, cooked well and tender. 


I came back there with my shootin' iron (a K98 Mauser, arguably the best bolt action rifle ever made).  I went through 20 rounds in a very short time.  And, oddly enough, I found out that I was pretty good at it too: just about every shot was a kill shot.  I bought the rifle as a collectible, and I figured I had a duty to fire it at least once.

Someone had praised their smoked turkey the last time I was there.  It was uninspiring.  Stick with the ribs.


There they are, all high and mighty, deciding what is a religion and what isn't.

wilder photo

A variation of the photo seen on a famous TV show.  This is one of the alleged UFO photos taken by Billy Meier.  The photos have been conclusively proven to be hoaxes.. 

spelling error

Someone trying to be clever, combined with an inability to spell= hilarity.

            chrom snap

If the makers of Google Chrome were honest, this is what you'd see.

seoul taco

A St. Louis Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant.  Korean food is often peppery-hot, as is Mexican food.  This is one of the few fusion concepts that makes sense.  I like the painting they have of Godzilla fighting with a giant Trans Formers style robot.

u ncity grill

Located in University City in St. Louis.  A great Korean diner, complete with a very rude owner.  Sit down, order your food, and shut up.  Don't ask questions: what they sell is on the menu on the wall.  Don't talk to the owner.  If you talk too much, the owner will walk away and ignore you.  Don't come in here with an attitude.

george's diner

George's Diner, a North St. Louis county staple.  They used to have a big, hand painted window painting that said "BISCUITS AND GRAVEY," complete with a googly-eyed man looking at a very curvy waitress.  Just about everything they serve can be topped with a big sloppy pile of chili or sawmill gravy.

powhatan rerstaurant

Powhatan restaurant, Pocahontas IL.  A great little place, where you can order yourself a heapin' platter of fried gizzards.  Pocahontas' one claim to fame is that country music singer Gretchen Wilson hails from there.  Once Wilson became famous, almost overnight just about everything in the town was named Gretchen Wilson this or Gretchen Wilson that.  No, I haven't heard of her either.

flying saucer pub

My favorite pub in St. Louis.  They specialize in craft brews.  You won't find Bud, Miller, or even Pilsner Urwuell here!

barb's re devou`

This is now called The Korner Bar. I liked it better as Barb's Re Devou~.

President Obama Drinks Home Brew!

This is great news for home brewers, right?  No way!  He actually had White House chefs do the brewing.  All he did was buy the ingredients.   These are extract beers.  As if that wasn't bad enough, he bought dried yeast.  DRIED YEAST!!!  That's not a good example to send to the American people, is it?  I blame Obamacare.

obama's honey ale            obama's honey porter

Anheuser-Busch InBev Acquires Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies

onclusively provenTwo of the biggest mail order home brewer supply shops have been purchased by the world's biggest brewery.

I can see their new, "improved" beer kit instructions now:
1) Six row barley is better than 2 row barley;
2) The less hop flavor, the better;
3) All malt beers taste too harsh.  It's best to use adjuncts like rice or corn to make the taste more acceptable;
4) Put beechwood chips in your beer in the secondary.  Beechwood aging is a good thing, even though it does nothing for the flavor: it just helps it to clear.  The beer will clear on its own without the beechwood, but that doesn't matter. 
5) The most important bit of advice: you're never going to make a beer as good as Budweiser.  Go and buy some right now and forget this home brewing nonsense.
6) But if you are foolish enough to try home brewing, we offer Budweiser kits now.  For the budget minded, we offer Busch kits too.
7) We will also offer light beer kits.  Even though our light beers are just regular beers watered down, you can't duplicate this process at home, because it's, uh, too complicated for the amateur to try.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

In all seriousness, there are a large number of home brew supply mail order stores.   I prefer Bell's Beer or Adventures in Home brewing to the above two.  Even better, do a search on Google Shopping to see who has the cheapest home brew supplies.