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This is just general nonsense that couldn't be categorized anywhere else. Call this an electronic version of a scrapbook. New items will be added here on an irregular basis. This page will always be under construction.

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ebay bargain
Boy oh boy!  You can get some really good deals on eBay!  Now shut up and pay that reasonable shipping fee.

telescope, s00s!

"Now what's this called again? I'd read the box, but that's too much work. Wait, I know! I'll call it a..."

roku zone

A Roku user on Facebook used the above term in a beautifully written paragraph.  I shall share it here, so you can bask in the greatness of it.  Years from now, we will read his many books, and many will wonder if he is the reincarnation of Mark Twain.

"hello all Rokians , thanks for accepting me on this platform - my problem the following , if i open the roku channel to watch free movies the movie starts to load and then switches off ? i do know i am out side the Roku zone is their anything i can do .... thanks"

Yes, it is hard to understand what he means, but that is only because his intellect is far greater than ours.  I suspect he meant that he lived in the country, and the internet was slower, because the cables had to stretch several miles.

The idea really stuck in my head.  This is way too good not to use for something.  If people actually went to the Roku News section on this website, I'd use it there.

But at any event, here it is.  I'll park it here until I can use it.

fake news

Donnie Trump has been attacking "fake news," which apparently means any news outlet that does not agree with him.  But what is the source of this fake news?  And then one day I found it when I was surfing the dark web.  There it was, right out in the open.

he has an axe

Just a fun image I cobbled together with MS Paint.

Also, why doesn't Plankton just hire someone to buy him a Krabby Patty?  It would save him a lot of time, And Mr. Krabs would never know about it.

rapture card

This one might come in handy some day.  Print it out and keep it in your wallet.

Momo's Ouzarium\\

Momo's Ouzarium, 630 North and South Rd, St. Louis, MO 63130

A St. Louis Green restaurant.  We were seated by a fireplace, in a rather pleasant brightly lit restaurant.  Greek food is often a hit or miss proposition.  My dining companion ordered some sort of spinach pie with philo pastry.  It was mushy and greasy, though my companion seemed to like it.  I ordered a mixed green salad, which had the usual black olives, feta cheese and Greek salad accompaniment.  It was good.  I ordered the sauteed octopus as a main dish.  It was good, but I soon found that the heads should be discarded, and only the tentacles eaten.  Octopus is one of those things you start out enjoying, but as you eat more, you enjoy it less.  Still, it was well seasoned and well presented.

But the star of the afternoon, and the source of the name of the restaurant: a downright demonic Greek liquor called Ouzo.  My first exposure to the stuff was decades ago.  A friend and me went into a Greek restaurant in Columbia, MO.  We both had just turned 21, and had the IDs to prove it.  The waitress asked us if we wanted some Ouzo.  We said yes, without knowing what we were getting into.  The stuff tastes like licorice, is sweet and is water clear.  If you put ice into it, it turns white like milk.  After having a serving or two my companion and me paid our bill, went out, and sat on the curb watching traffic go by.  At 96% alcohol (198 proof-- vodka, for comparison, is 40% alcohol, at 80 proof), it's no wonder why.

The Ouzo did its work.  We didn't sit by the curb, but i did make for a pleasant, very mellow afternoon.  I did suggest that we ask for some plates that we could smash on the floor, but that suggestion was declined.  My tip: come here, order the weirdest thing on the menu, and definitely order some Ouzo.

Retsina is also on the wine menu.  It is definitely an acquired taste.  In olden days, some Greek winemakers didn't have oak for barrels, so they used pine.  The turpentine in the pine leached into the wine.  Rather than throw the stuff out, the frugal Greeks decided that they actually liked the flavor.  So they've been dumping turpentine in their retsina ever since.  I have had retsina.  I didn't order it this go 'round.  If you're feeling adventuresome, order some when you come to Momo's.   Order a glass for yourself and a friend.  Take the first sip, and pretend you like the taste.   Convince them it's really good.  And then watch their reaction when they try it.

courtesy diner

Courtesy Diner, 1121 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63139

A standard diner, with a signature dish; the slinger.  I opted for the standard burger, fries and a Coke.  It was a busy place.  The food was decent; just the sort of stomach filling stuff I'd expected.  The waitress was friendly and attentive.  While it didn't stand out like, say, the Carondelet Diner, it was a good place to kill an afternoon.

carondelet diner

Carondolet Diner 8129 Reilly Ave St Louis MO 63111

I had a friend recommend this to me. Normally I like cruising up and down South St. Louis and picking out interesting places, but I'm getting lazy in my old ago. My friend picked a winner for me.

The place is a small building, one that doesn't look like it even has the space to hold a diner.

Coming in, we were greeted by Nicky, a very attractive, friendly woman who served as our waitress. Right away, even before sitting down, I liked the place.

We had come at a rather bad time: it was about 1:30 or so, and the place closed at 2:00. We were assured that that was OK, as even if people came in at 2:00 they'd be served. The place is being made over, and will have new menus and such the next week. So some of our time was spent hearing “I'm sorry, we don't have that,” over and over.

But, honestly, Nicky was so nice about it, and so attentive, that we didn't mind. With most restaurants the waiter is a bit of an intrusion; I can't say how many times I've been in a restaurant and the conversation strops when the waiter comes by. Nicky was certainly not like that: we all enjoyed her company.

We all settled on ordering the half fried chicken. I chose fried chicken, green beans, and French fries.

We ordered fried mushrooms as an appetizer. These were well done, hot and crispy, with lots of batter. I feel that if you're going to have friend vegetables, they should have a good amount of batter on them. Otherwise, they'd hardly be different from boiled vegetables.

The fried chickens arrived in due course. The chicken was good and moist, and very well prepared. The standard for fried chicken these days is the over battered, over salted, and under cooked KFC. To say the least, this was far and above better than KFC's fried chicken.

The French fries were standard crinkle cut frozen fries, but they were hot and crispy. The green beans were standard diner green beans. They were canned, with chunks of bacon in them. They were good, but not my favorite part of the meal.

The diner's owner, whose name is either Mary or Maria (and I do forget that lack of memory on my part), talked to us, talking about upcoming renovations and revisions to the menu.

I am reminded of an old British TV show “The Avengers.” On occasion, the show's stars, who worked for the British secret service, would have to talk to people who worked in businesses. A running joke on the show was that they would encounter workers who were really really interested in their work, and who tried to pass that on.

And that's what the people are like that work at the Carondelet Diner: they are enthusiastic. They believe in the place. And, yes, they passed that enthusiasm on.

My friends and me would go to a different place each week. I've found the place I'd like to go to as a regular. The heck with all of this wandering.

We made our leave. Half a chicken is way too much for me, so I had them box it up. They threw in some biscuits too.

The Carondelet Diner is a great place: the food is as good as the conversation. I look forward to future excursions.

And, really, looking back, I have to admire the people at that diner. A lot of us go through life without something to really, truly believe in. Many workers at restaurants I have been to see their job as drudgery, showing up only because they need the paycheck. These people believe in what they're doing. Sure, it's just a diner, but who am I to judge? They enjoy their work, and they enjoy their life. We should all be more like them.

river des peres yacht club

The River Des Peres Yacht Club Deli is a fun sandwich shop.  I ordered a sandwich called the Patch.  It had a lot of meat on it; the half sandwich was more than I could eat.  It came with au jus gravy for dipping.  Au just gravy is nothing more than beef stock.  They could have gone the easy route and used some water with a bullion cube mixed in, but instead they used genuine roast beef stock. 

It's a nice, relaxing place, where you get a lot of food.  The women who work there obviously eat there as well, if you know what I mean.

The River Des Peres in St. Louis is a 9 mile long storm drainage ditch, or an open sewer: take your pick.  A local newspaper called The St Louis Bugle came up with the idea for the River Des Peres Yacht Club, and for many years they sold hats, t shirts, bumper stickers, coffee cups and so on.  The River Des Peres Yacht Cluub is in the old St. Louis Bugle building, and they have lots of Yacht Club memorabilia for sale.

Below is my tribute to the River Des Peres.

Just a small town in Illinois.  Thins would be a great setting for a horror film, complete with lots of blood, and (of course) gore!

the card

An all-inclusive card that will make communication that much easier.  Just check the appropriate box(es), and hand it to your interlocutor!

dvd colver

I found this one searching my hard drive.  My plans were to issue the Science Fiction and Beer Channel movie Why Are They Here, and What Do They Wamn? on a special DVD edition.  That never came about.  Since I hate leaving things to sit without using them, here it is.

kabul express

Kabul Express, Lemay, MO.  A nice, friendly little storefront restaurant that specializes in Afghani cuisine.  I had their beef kabob, which was very well done, with just the right amount of char and fat on the beef.  This is a one-man operation, and the guy is eager to please.  He gave us an eggplant appetizer, which was quite good.  Definitely worth a return visit.


Lambert's, Sikeston, MO.  Home of "throwed rolls."  You want a roll?  They'll throw it to you.  As inevitably happens when people start having fun, someone had to rush in and try to spoil it.  Apparently the case was either thrown out or settled, as Lambert's is still throwing rolls.

Throwed Roll Leads to Lawsuit Against Lambert's Cafe

redneck trailer sipplies

Business in Sikeston, MO.  I have images of roll after roll of duct tape, and yard ornaments consisting of old refrigerators, old tires used as planters, and so, on.

3 stooges

My one claim to fame: I saw The Three Stooges in 1967.

carbo cycle

There are so many "cause" memes on Facebook that essentially demand rights that people already have.  So I figured that I should demand my right to use something I can't possibly avoid using.

ketchup suicide

An image from a lonely hearts website.  The guy that did this can't get a girl.  I can't imagine why.


Here is that bumper sticker that has been the focus of much attention on Twitter.  Poor old Charlie can't make the cut, even after all these years.  But that's no reason to shame him.  Sometimes people can be so cruel.


An image I created for a story I wrote.

cyndi lauper's best album

What would be the most absurd album ever made?  I photoshopped this together.

pilsner urkel

A pun so obvious I am surprised no one has ever thought of it.

chimps doing what they do best

There over 40 million hits total for chimps throwing sh*t.  I was going to make a Roku channel about it, but despite the popularity of the concept, there are in actuality very few videos of chimps doing that.

alpha control reference manual
jupiter 2 operator's manual

lost in space encyclopedia
time tunnel
lisfan 9
you can build the lost in space robot

inexplicable science fiction
lisfan 10
the best scenes

Twelve book and magazine covers I designed, some of which were even published.

some pages I designed for the MD80 camera.

Some pages I designed for an instruction manual for the MD80 camera.

sharpshooter grill and bbq

Sharpshooter- Grill and BBQ, St. Louis, MO.  You want barbecued ribs or turkey or pork or... whatever?  They got you covered.  You want to buy yourself a shootin' iron, or some ammo?  They got you covered.  You want to go to a shooting range and fire off some rounds?  They got you covered.  What more could you possibly want?

I ordered the half slab of ribs special.  They were great, cooked well and tender. 


I came back there with my shootin' iron (a K98 Mauser, arguably the best bolt action rifle ever made).  I went through 20 rounds in a very short time.  And, oddly enough, I found out that I was pretty good at it too: just about every shot was a kill shot.  I bought the rifle as a collectible, and I figured I had a duty to fire it at least once.

Someone had praised their smoked turkey the last time I was there.  It was uninspiring.  Stick with the ribs.


There they are, all high and mighty, deciding what is a religion and what isn't.

wilder photo

A variation of the photo seen on a famous TV show.  This is one of the alleged UFO photos taken by Billy Meier.  The photos have been conclusively proven to be hoaxes.. 

spelling error

Someone trying to be clever, combined with an inability to spell= hilarity.

chrom snap

If the makers of Google Chrome were honest, this is what you'd see.

seoul taco

A St. Louis Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant.  Korean food is often peppery-hot, as is Mexican food.  This is one of the few fusion concepts that makes sense.  I like the painting they have of Godzilla fighting with a giant Trans Formers style robot.

u ncity grill

Located in University City in St. Louis.  A great Korean diner, complete with a very rude owner.  Sit down, order your food, and shut up.  Don't ask questions: what they sell is on the menu on the wall.  Don't talk to the owner.  If you talk too much, the owner will walk away and ignore you.  Don't come in here with an attitude.

george's diner

George's Diner, a North St. Louis county staple.  They used to have a big, hand painted window painting that said "BISCUITS AND GRAVEY," complete with a googly-eyed man looking at a very curvy waitress.  Just about everything they serve can be topped with a big sloppy pile of chili or sawmill gravy.

powhatan rerstaurant

Powhatan restaurant, Pocahontas IL.  A great little place, where you can order yourself a heapin' platter of fried gizzards.  Pocahontas' one claim to fame is that country music singer Gretchen Wilson hails from there.  Once Wilson became famous, almost overnight just about everything in the town was named Gretchen Wilson this or Gretchen Wilson that.  No, I haven't heard of her either.

flying saucer pub

My favorite pub in St. Louis.  They specialize in craft brews.  You won't find Bud, Miller, or even Pilsner Urquell here!

barb's re devou`

This is now called The Korner Bar. I liked it better as Barb's Re Devou~.

President Obama Drinks Home Brew!

This is great news for home brewers, right?  No way!  He actually had White House chefs do the brewing.  All he did was buy the ingredients.   These are extract beers.  As if that wasn't bad enough, he bought dried yeast.  DRIED YEAST!!!  That's not a good example to send to the American people, is it?  I blame Obamacare.

obama's honey ale            obama's honey porter

Anheuser-Busch InBev Acquires Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies

onclusively provenTwo of the biggest mail order home brewer supply shops have been purchased by the world's biggest brewery.

I can see their new, "improved" beer kit instructions now:
1) Six row barley is better than 2 row barley;
2) The less hop flavor, the better;
3) All malt beers taste too harsh.  It's best to use adjuncts like rice or corn to make the taste more acceptable;
4) Put beechwood chips in your beer in the secondary.  Beechwood aging is a good thing, even though it does nothing for the flavor: it just helps it to clear.  The beer will clear on its own without the beechwood, but that doesn't matter. 
5) The most important bit of advice: you're never going to make a beer as good as Budweiser.  Go and buy some right now and forget this home brewing nonsense.
6) But if you are foolish enough to try home brewing, we offer Budweiser kits now.  For the budget minded, we offer Busch kits too.
7) We will also offer light beer kits.  Even though our light beers are just regular beers watered down, you can't duplicate this process at home, because it's, uh, too complicated for the amateur to try.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

In all seriousness, there are a large number of home brew supply mail order stores.   I prefer Bell's Beer or Adventures in Home brewing to the above two.  Even better, do a search on Google Shopping to see who has the cheapest home brew supplies.