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bumper stickers

Bumper stickers!

dvd roms

DVD ROMs of channel shows, publications and more!


(fulsome, perfect breasts not included)

You want free stuff?  We got your free stuff right here!  We churned out a lot of free stuff for a recent science fiction convention: a lot more than we needed!. Ask for free stuff, and we'll grab a bunch of it and send it to you.  The free bounty includes: Science Fiction and Beer Channel hats,  meteorite dust, autographed photos of robot 4-Q, beer coasters, stickers, beer glasses, and so on.  We pick what you get.  Supplies are limited to stock on hand.

Hi.  I received my Science Fiction and Beer goodie bag today, and it was awesome!  I have found something to give to my wife to placate her for another week.  Thank you very much for all the cool goodies.  My son liked them too. 

Regards Wayne Lieberman part of your fan club

Come on, people! This stuff is FREE! Show me that there is really interest in the channel!

click here for free stuff!

(If the button doesn't work. just send your name and address to

Your email address will not be given or sold to anyone else.  This is a way to gauge how popular the website is, and to generate publicity for the channel too.  Please allow 4-8 weeks delivery.

All of this and more!  You need free stuff!  We all do!

Seriously, what is the deal here?  I'm literally giving away stuff, with no takers!

Update 06/29/2019

I have been in in the hospital for the past several weeks.  This means that some requests for free stuff have not been fulfilled.  If you sent me an email asking for free stuff and didn't get a package, send it again.