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screen saver

New!  The Drunkard's 2018 Christmas Screen Saver!
Click on the above link for the most festive screensaver of them all!

calendar cover

Right click to download the 2018 Science Fiction and Beer calendar!

ordeal on priplanus

Ordeal on Priplanus

(right click on the above to download)

The first ever fan-created computer game for the TV show Lost in Space.  This was written by me in QBASIC in 1984, so you need to download QBASIC (available anywhere on the web) to run it.

File size: 5.28KB


Brewtarget-2.3.0_x86.exe for Windows

The best beer creating software I have used.  Pick a style, and go through the steps to design your own recipes.

inexplicable science fiction

Inexplicable Science Fiction Stories (PDF file)
Left click to view; right click to download.

Note: I had an early draft of this up here.  Click on this to get the full issue, with more great stories.

lemay tourism pamphlet

City of Lemay tourism pamphlet, in PDF form.  Learn about the city of enchantment!

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            brewing company pamphlet

Lemay Brewing Company Pamphlet in PDF format

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