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Last updated 04/11/2019

This page has been necessary for quite some time.  The pages listed on the home page are, more or less, the most popular pages on this website.  But there are a lot more pages here for you to enjoy.  Take some time on this page: I guarantee you will find something of interest to you.

There was a lot of redundancy on this website (which is why some pages have been removed, combined with others, and so on).  Hopefully this will make it easier to find what you crave.

Science Fiction and Beer Channel Related Links

2019 Cool Stuff Catalog
Want to be one of the cool kids?  Just order some stuff from our catalog! 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Website Statistics
All the information you want to know about this website's pages. 
Last updated 03/29/2019

Roku in the News
News about the Roku platform, updated whenever something of note happens in the world of Roku. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Science Fiction and Beer Channel News
News about the Science Fiction and Beer Roku Channel. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

My Favorite Roku Private Channels
Roku is trying to discourage people from putting up their own private channels: they're now given the ominous label of "non certified channels," with all manner of dire warnings should you actually want to see them.  This has caused interest in private channels to fall off.  But we'll always be here.
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Science Fiction and Beer Channel Home Page
The main page.  You can come here to subscribe to the channel on Roku, as well as access other links on this website. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Science Fiction and Beer Channel's Banner Exchange Program
Our banner advertising program which, sadly, never went anywhere. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

This Website's Template Page
Our web page template: we download this whenever we want to put up a new web page on this site.
Last updated 03/14/2019.

How to Links

How to Build Your Own 150 Inch Projection TV!
A classic eBay scam from the late 1990s.  You'd send the seller payment, and he'd send something like this back to you.  If you were foolish enough to follow the directions, what you would get was a big, blurry image that had to be viewed in a very dark room. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Restore WW2 German Helmets
The most popular page on this website!  All I know about restoring WW2 German helmets. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Vacuform Plastic
I had a small model kit company, and on occasion I would issue model kits based on UFOs, old TV shows, and so on.  Here is how I did it. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Make Lava Lamps
Information I cobbled up together from surfing the web.  I sold this on eBay in the late 1990s. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Build Your Own UFO Detector!
 Or, better still, buy a state of the art electronic UFO detector from our catalog.  A classic late 1990s eBay product.
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Build Robots/Robot Building Progress Report
I wanted to make videos for my Roku channel.  I couldn't find any people willing to do videos for the channel.  My solution; I made my own actors. 
Last updated 03/25/2019

TIP31 Assembly Page
This is the instruction page for the TIP31 circuit kits I sell.
Last updated 03/25/2019

How to Build a Home Theater
I wanted a home theater.  I had some knowledge of speaker making and so on.   So I bought the basics and made one. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Make a 4" Refractor Telescope With PVC Pipe
I saw a large DCX (double convex) lens for sale on an online catalog.  Immediately I thought "Telescope!"  And now here we are. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Good Life/Lifestyle Links

Gas Station Cigars I Have Endured
Cigars keep growing in popularity.  I liked them precisely because I thought they were disgusting. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

How to Deal With Telemarketers
Hint: you've been doing it wrong.
 Last updated 03/14/2019

Hospital Bug Out Bag
 As yu get older, you will find yourself going to the hospital more and more often.  Be prepared!  Assemble one of these and carry it around with you all the time. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Fine Dining/Partying/Recipe Links

How to Host a Kickass Room Party
How to hold a great science fiction convention room party.  I've made all the mistakes that can be made, so you don't have to. 
Last updated 03/14/2019.

The Drunken Gourmet
A web page about cooking while drunk, with recipes. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Foods Only Served in St. Louis, MO
And for good reason! 
Last updated 03/14/2019.

A Drunkard's Thanksgiving
You need to keep up appearances. 
Last updated 03/14/2019.

A Drunkard's Christmas
How to pretend to have holiday cheer in your hovel. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

76 Pizza Recipes
  Mix and match for your own creations. 
Last updated 03/14/2019.

Drunken, Desparate Dining
Really, I rarely get drunk, and it's on rarer occasions that I decide to cook something when I'm in that condition. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

50 Communion Wafer Recipes
It's amazing: this is one of this website's most popular pages. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Rick and Morty's Szechuan Sauce Recipe
Because it's never too late to exploit a new trend, even when it's already been forgotten.
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Beginner's Guide to Becoming an Ugly Gourmet
OK, so you want to eat like a gourmet, but you would rather just buy those tiny jars of stuff, rather than making well thought out meals using fresh ingredients.  We understand.  We got you covered: you can make your own tiny jars of food and pocket the savings. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Snacks is Good Food
Pretzels, beef jerky, and so on.  The only food group worth talking about. 
Last updated: 03/14/2019

How to Make White Castle Sliders
There are a lot of alleged recipes for White Castle Sliders on the web.  Very few of them come even close to being authentic.
Last updated 03/14/2019

Cheesecakes, Oh God Yes, Cheesecakes!
Some of the best, including the Blue Owl's Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cheesecake.  Last updated 03/14/2019.

The Plowman's Lunch
A simple, basic British lunch, which has been around since medieval times, or the 1950s.  Take your pick. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Christmas Menu 2017
One of my best Christmas parties ever. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

A Beginner's Guide to Bread Baking
I love baking bread.  This page focuses on what I call soured dough bread-- much simpler to make than sourdough bread, and it tastes the same. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Soup, Man!
We''re all on a budget.  Soup will fill you up cheaply. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Glutton's Guide to Hosting a Superbowl Party
The Superbowl is all about getting together with friends and consuming massive quantities of alcohol and snacks.  The game that's on the TV is almost an afterthought. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Just For the Fun of It

Links For Cheapskates and Projectheads
A projecthead is a person who is always building something.  If someone asks "Do you have any hobbies?" a projecthead  would take the better part of an hour just listing what they do.  And as for cheapskates, all of the software sold now has similar equivalents that are free to use and download.
Last updated 03/14/2019

Classic and Current Scams
Everything you need to know about how to scam people. 
Last updated 03/12/2019

Listen to Real Life Spies, Live!
Does the thought of spies/espionage interest you?  You can listen to real life spies broadcasting to each other, and all it takes is either buying a shortwave radio, or clicking on some links. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

A Tribute to Richard S. Shaver
Here we have a bad writer from the 1940s that still fascinates people to this day.  Complete with links to his stories.  Be prepared: you are in for one wild ride!
Last updated 03/14/2019

A Tribute to Bad Layout
A sort of internal joke for people who went to the Richard Shaver tribute page and clicked on the bad layout link. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

This Space For Rent!
When I had just a few web pages on this website, I'd include this if there was a blank area on the listing. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

We're Giving Away GOLD!!!
A web page I created to annoy people.  The actual page crashed my browser.  This page is a far simpler version, and probably won't crash your browser.  Maybe. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

People Killed By Country Music
An in-joke I had with my late, great friend, filmmaker Jerry Lentz. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Raise the Drinking Age to 40!
Why not? It's just another unworkable idea in a long series of unworkable ideas designed to combat teen drinking. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Games so classic you forgot how tired of them you now are. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Help Us Build a Rocket to the Moon!
Money taken in so far: $0,000,000.00. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Our downloads page. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Brewer's Skeleton
I bet you didn't even know you need a special brewer's skeleton to brew beer.  Well you do, and we have some for sale. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Free IQ Test!
A real gosh genuine certified 10 question IQ test, complete with really annoying ads.  And Britney Spears. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Star Trek Discovery; the Reviews are Out of This World!
Fan reviews of the Star Trek: Discovery TV show.  As sure as the sun rises in the east, every time CBS advertises this show on Facebook they get the same reactions.  Last updated 03/14/2019

The Museum of Questionable Action Figures
Toys go through a process: first they're designed, molds are built, they are test marketed-- and yet for some odd reason these figures made it through all of that.  Last updated 03/14/2019

The World is Soon Coming to an End!
So what are your plans for after the world ends?  Didn't think of that, did you? 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Some Things Are Just Plain Wrong
No matter how you try to sugar coat them.  These things just should not exist. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Who You Gonna call?
Poop Busters! 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Just Fun Stuff!
A collection of fun videos, restaurant reviews, photos, and so on. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Beginer's Guide to Collecting Donald Trump Coins
Collecting Donald Trump coins, the worst form of kitsch out there. 
Last updated 04/11/2019

Our Most Excellent 404 Page
Because every website needs one. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The (Mostly) Complete Beatnik Dictionary
This website's second most popular page.  Get hip to the hap! 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Yes, We Will Send You FREE Stuff!
How to get stuff from the Science Fiction and Ber Channel. And it' FREE! 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Fun With Online Scammers!
How to make online scammers mad and have fun at the same time! 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Beer, Wine, and Soda Making/Enjoying

Secrets of the Harlem Car Bomb
Is it a drink or a snack?  We report. You decide. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Elderberry Wine; the Best Home Made Wine
A work in progress, as I make 20 gallons of the stuff.
 Last updated 03/14/2019

Prohibition Era Home Brew; Here are the Facts
A combination of the history of Prohibition, and recipes on how to make your own authentic Prohibition era home brew.
Last updated 03/14/2019

Soda Making 101
How to make soda, like they did way back when, only using modern ingredients and methods. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

2017 Beer and Wine Recipes
Wines and beers I had made, or planned to make, in 2017. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

The Lemay Brewing Company
It's the water that makes our beer so special.  That, and the artificial flavoring.  And the reused 2 liter soda bottles.
Last updated 03/14/2019

Home Brewing Club Links
A national list of home brewing clubs. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Alcohol and Seduction: a Scientific Approach
Somebody needed to do this.
Last updated 03/14/2019

My Life Story Links

2017 Solar Eclipse
Photos of the complete solar eclipse of 2017.
Last updated 03/14/2019

To Live and Die in Lemay
My sort of blog about life in the land of enchantment: Lemay, MO. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Making Wine With My Dad in the 1970s
Fond memories of the only time my dad and me really connected. 
Last updated 03/19/2019

My Life With Flying Saucers
My true life encounters with The Unknown.
Last updated 03/14/2019

Why Did We Start The Science Fiction and Beer Channel?
My life as a science fiction fan, and how the channel became inevitable when Roku arrived. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

A Christmas Story: 1967
My own real life version of the film A Christmas Story
Last updated 03/14/2019

Lost in Space Fan Links

Lost in Space Fan Club Start Page
I was a big fan of the TV show Lost in Space, before it became bastardized by so many remakes. 
Last updated 03/14/2019

Lost in Space Web Page Links
A list of classic Lost in Space fan web pages. 

Last updated 03/14/2019

Lost in Space Launch Party
A party devoted to the latest remake of Lost in Space
Last updated 03/14/2019

External Links

Our eBay Page
We only have one item for sale here, but it's a popular one!

Our Etsy Page
This is mostly a website for crafters.  If we start selling our home made jewelry again, it will be listed here.

Our Facebook Page

This is the place to go for all of the latest news on the channel.

Our Twitter Page
Twitter is an OK forum, but I prefer Facebook, as I can post longer, more detailed descriptions.

Our Dailymotion Page
This place could put YouTube out of business, if they would just put some more effort into it.

Our YouTube Page
I have mixed feelings about YouTube.  They're OK, but are way too censorious.

Our Blog
I'd update this, but frankly there are a lot of better forums, such as my own website.

Our Web Page Forum
Close to 38,000 hits, and yet to this day no one has ever posted on the forum. 

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