2018 Cool Stuff Catalog!

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LISFAN 1-8, You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot, and More!

            1-8 and more DVD ROM

Possibly the most in demand fan publications are available again on DVD ROM!  Both LISFAN issues 1 through 8 and You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot have been out of print for years.  Copies of LISFAN 1 to 8 have been offered on eBay for $200!  Now is your chance to relive those early days of Lost in Space fandom.  Issues of LISFAN featured interviews with

June Lockhart

Jonathan Harris

L B Abbott

Marta Kristen

Dick Tufeld

And more!

LISFAN had fiction, comics, news about the show, and articles that covered just about every aspect of the show.

Bonus on this DVD ROM!  LISFAN 9!  The masters to this issue were lost a long time ago, but the issue has been reconstructed in a special edition just for this DVD ROM.  Those of you waiting to read part 2 of “On Earth, As It Is In Heaven,” now is your chance!

Another bonus: yet another out of print book, You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot.  The demand for this book has been constant: the supply—not as constant.  Get in on the excitement!  Build your own robot!

Also included in the DVD ROM:

Interviews with major LISFAN contributors, as well as the editor himself!

This DVD ROM has over 2000 pictures.  It’s an instant photo collection!

If you remember LISFAN fondly, or just like Lost in Space, then this is for you!

Only $19.95 postpaid!

The Lost in Space Encyclopedia 3

lost in space encyclopedia 3 cover

"I got your DVD: it's better than the Cushman book."  --Chuck Stumpf

Now available!  The book that informed, educated, and excited Lost in Space fans is back, in a new revised DVD ROM  edition!  Now well over 500 pages long, this book is certain to become a colelctor's item, as have previous books in the series.

New content this edition:

Expanded coverage of toys, books, coimic books and more!

Expanded and updated biographies and Lost in Space: A-Z sections.

What Might Have Been: see what different versions of Lost in Space scripts would have been like!  See how different from the Jupiter 2 the Gemini 12 was originally!

Extensive coverage of fan made full size Jupiter 2 sets, a full size working Chariot, and more!

We Found Priplanus!: A trip to the Trona Pinnaces (where a lot of the early Lost in Space episodes were filmed), along with photos and maps!

\All of this and more (including a new color photo section) in a special DVD ROM edition for only $19.95.  This DVD ROM can be played on any computer that can run web browsers.  PDF format.  Hurry: limited edition!  FREE SHIPPING!

Donald Trump $3.00 bills

trump $3 bill

Fascism has come to America.  Why not embrace it?  Here we have a $3.00 Donald Trump bill, which is every bit as tawdry and phony as the man it parodies.  Show the wold that you aren't a Trumpanzee!  Get these while the first amendment still exists!  10 bills for $3.00, postpaid.

Space Cootie Meter

space cootie meter

Yes, we have them.  Great for projects such as VU meters, robots, lie detectors, or UFO detectors.  This is a very sensitive undamped meter, which means it will move at the slightest provocation.  I attached a flasher bulb to one, and made a neat little metronome.  Size: about 4" x 6".  Let me make this "clear": if you had the right equipment, you could detect past lives, liars, and space cooties.  $20.00 each, postpaid.

UFO Detector

ufo detector

Many UFOs have been reported to have strong magnetic fields.  This small device can detect such fields.  It's a simple gaussmeter, that is, a device that detects magnetic fields.  When a strong magnetic field is detected, the detector's light turns on and it puts out a loud tone, notifying you that UFOs are near.  And be sure to have a camera ready when your detector finds a UFO!  $10.00 each postpaid..