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"OMG.  Thank you for The (Mostly) Complete Beatnik Dictionary.   It’s the coolest."  --Pat Cadigan (sent telepathically from my iBrain)

A Word from the Webmaster

This is an ongoing project!  Just when I thought I was done, I found even more words to add to the dictionary.  Be sure to check back on a regular basis, for even more coolness.  Dig it?

beatnik wanton
     beatnk party
You just know everyone involved with these books had never even met a beatnik.

Actor: show-off
Ain't that a bite: that's too bad
Angel: One who pays the bill
Ankle biter: child
Apple butter: smooth talk or flattery
Are you writing a book?: you're asking too many questions
Axe: Musical instrument

Baby: cute girl
Back seat bingo: making out with a girl in a car
Bad news: a person who rejects a beatnik
Bake biscuits: to make records
Ballad: love letter
Barrelsville: Las Vegas
Bash: great party
Beat: Way of life for a select few
Beakel: Tourist
Beatnik: One who lives like there's no tomorrow
Beatsville: a good place
Beat the gravel: leave
Bennies: Short for Benzedrine, a stimulant
Bent Brummel: Bow Tie
Big Daddy an older person (usually a parent) who isn't hip to the beat scene
Big wheel: a well known, well respected person
Big tickle: having a laugh at the expense of the victim
Binoculars: glasses
Bit: an act
Blanket: sandwich
Blast: a fun time
Blast the Edison: Turn off the lights
Blow the Jets: To become angry
Bobbed: shortened
Bongo: small hand drum used by beatnik poets and musicians
Boss: good
Bread: money
Bright disease: to know too much
Bug: bother
Bugged: bothered

archie comic's take on it      spooky
What the comics thought about beatniks.

Can the lip: stop talking
Cap and gownship: teacher
Cast an eyeball: to look
Cat's pajamas: really cool
Cat: cool person; beatnik, also cool jazz musician
Cave: office
Chariot: car
Cheap creep: freeloader
Cherry Tree: to lie
Chick: single girl
Chicken: engaged girl
Chili: a good deal
Chrome plated: dressed up
Circled: married
Clanked: rejected
Classy chassis: great body
Claws sharp: to know a lot about a lot of subjects

Clutched: rejected
Closet case: someone to be ashamed of

Cloud 9: really happy

Clyde: a general name for anyone, as in "Cool it, Clyde."
Come on snake, let's rattle: let's dance
Committed: engaged to be married

Cooking: doing something really well
Cooking with gas: doing something really well

Cool: Wonderful, he who enjoys without showing emotion
Cool it: calm down
Cool rod: cool automobile
Cooties: uncool people are said to be infected with cooties
Cop a breeze: to leave
Cop a feel: to fondle a girl's breast
Copping a bit: pretending to be cool
Corral: schoolyard
Crazy: really interesting

Cream: to damage a car
Creep: someone who is not with it: a square
Crossbar hotel: prison; jail
Cruisin' for a bruisin': looking for trouble
Cut , Cut out: leave
Cut the gas: be quiet
Cyclops: eye glasses
Cover: lingerie
Crazy: good
Crazy quilt: new dress
Creep: square
Cube: non cool person
Cut out: leave

Dad: term of affection
Daddy-o: Beatnik
Dame: girl/woman
Dibs: a claim.  "I got dibs on that!"
Dig: to understand
Dildoe: dippy dame
Dippy: foolish
Dixie fried: drunk
Dolly: cute girl
Down: insincere person
Drag: boring person
Drowning: baffled
Due backs: cigarettes
Dullsville: unpleasant place
Dummy up: shut up

Sluggo's take on things      chatter
Sluggo wants to be a beatnik.

Earthbound: reliable
Earth pads: shoes
End: really wonderful
Epistle: letter to someone
Everything plus: to be really attractive
Eyeball: to look
Eyeballing a doll: giving a girl a good look over

Face: a clock
Fade out: to disappear
Fall in: to enter
Fall on: to rough someone up
Fall out: to leave
Far out: ahead of the times
Fat City: a great thing, place, or situation
Flake off: pretty much means the same as f*ck off
Flat: analyst's couch
Flat out: fast as you can
Flip: either going actually insane, or really ecstatic
Flip top: a convertible car
Flutter bum: a good looking guy
Focus your audio: listen carefully
Fracture: to amuse
Frail: broke; without money
Fream: someone who doesn't fit in
Freebee: freeloader
Frosted: angry
Fuzz: cops
Fuzz rod: police car
Fuzzy duck: a girl with short hair

the beatniks        beat girl
Beatnik exploitation cinema at its finest.   

Galaxy: one's circle of friends, group
Gas: a lot of fun
George change: change for a dollar
Germ: a pest
Germsville: hospital
Get bent: drop dead
Get with it: understand
Gig: work; job
Ginchiest: the greatest
Gin mill: bar
Gin mill cowboy: bar regular
Give me a bell: call me on the phone
Give me five: let's shake hands
Go: exhortation to get with it; to swing etc.
Go Ape: to go crazy (not in the good sense of the term)
Goat: a goatee beard
Gone: really with it, swinging
Goof: someone who makes mistakes, or to make a mistake
Gooney roost: library
Goopy: messy
Graystone hotel: jail
Graveyard: a bore or deadbeat
Greaser: a guy with lots of grease in his hair
Greasy spoon: a really bad diner/restaurant 
Green: money
Gringles: worries
Grody: sloppy, messy 
Groove: an exciting thing to do
Groovie: one who understands the swing of things
Grundy: neither good or bad

Hairy: to feel good
Handcuffs: parents
Handle: your name
Hang: to do very little, as in "hang out"
Hanging paper: paying with forged checks
Hang up: foolishly obsessed over something trivial
Hap: happening; the scene.  As in "Get hip to the hap!"
Haul ass: leave
Head shrink er: psychoanalyst
Heart: a good teacher
Heat: police
Hep: with it; cool
High: enjoying oneself
Hip: to be with it; to understand
Hipster: A kind of beatnik; more politically active or into the arts
Hit the bottle: to bleach one's hair
Hootenanny: a wild beat party
Horn: telephone
Hot iron: gun
Hot rod: cool automobile
Hound: the bus
Hubcap: a guy who tries to be a big wheel, but fails
Hung up: foolishly obsessed with a subject
Hustling Hershey: ex

beatnik paper doll kit      beard!
You see, it's not a philosophy or way of life: it's just a collection of stuff.

Ice it: tell someone to forget about something
Ick: bow tie
I'll clue you: I'll tell you about it
Illuminations: good ideas, thoughts
In orbit: good; in the know
Interviewing your brains: thinking
Iron pile up: getaway
Ivy: suit of clothes
Ivy tower: university, college

Jacketed: going steady
Jazz: beatniks' favorite music
Jazzing: to have sex
Jets: smarts; brains
Joe Doe: a guy on a blind date
Johns: pants
Juice: liquor
Juicehead: one who drinks
Juiceman: bartender
Jungled up: having specific living arrangements

wilco      berets
"I know all about beatniks.  I watch The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis."

Keeper: parent
Kick: a fad
Kicks: the thrill you get by doing something fun
Kick sticks: cigarettes
Kill: to really impress
King's jive: English
Know your groceries: to be aware, or to do things well
Knuckles to the creep: to hurt someone
Kookie: wild character

Lama: leader of the group
Large charge: something that is exciting
Later: goodbye
Lay dead: wait a minute
Lay on: to give
Lead sled: an old car
Leathers: shoes
Lid: hat
Lighting up the tilt sign: lying
Like: a word used to add emphasis.  "He was, like, mad!"
Little monsters: children
Long greens: lots of money
Long johns: pants
Low: depressed
Lumpy: mediocre

beatniks in the news      church group confused so what else is new?
Beatniks in the news!

Made in the shade: success guaranteed
Madison Avenue: sharp, cunning
Make: accomplish an action
Make it: cope
Make out: a kissing session
Make the scene: to attend an event or activity
Make with cover: to get dressed
Man: a catchall word, sometimes a greeting, but usually used to end a sentence.  "Those cats were cool, man."
Mark: signature
Mason-Dixon line: anything out of bounds, especially regarding personal space
Mazda: a very cool person
Men house: security house
Mickey Mouse: wrist watch
Moldy: bad teacher
Money run: easy
Moo goo: butter
Moo juice: milk
Moss, moss: etc., etc
Most: as in "the most"  high praise
Murgatroid: an outcast, a non cool person
Muscle cats: rock and rollers
Mush: homework

Nadaville: a dull place
Negative perspiration: easy
Nerd: this word means the same now as it did back then
Nest: a hairstyle
Night shift: a slumber party
Nod: drift off to sleep
Noodle it out: think it through
Nosebleed: stupid, as in "Hey, nosebleed!"
No sweat: no problem
Noheresville: a boring place
Nuggets: loose change

beatnik party!!      bongo lover
"I've never even seen pictures of real beatniks, but I think I can wing it."

Oblong: another word for square; someone who does not fit in
Odd ball: a strange person
Off: to steal
Off the cob: corny
Off the wall: very unusual
Old fogey: old, uncool person
On pills: dieting
On the hook: in love
On the stick: prepared
Orbs: eyes

Pad: living quarters
Pale one: dull person
Panic and a half: a very funny joke
Paper shaker: cheerleader
Party pooper: killjoy
Passion pit: drive in movie
Pearl diver: a person who washes dishes for a job
Peepers: glasses
Phony: insincere person
Picayunish: petty; worthless
Pick up on: to understand
Pig: cop
Pile up Zs: sleep
Pinky's out of jail: your slip's showing
Play dead: keep quiet
Plucked chicken: married girl
Pod: marijuana
Pooper: no fun at all
Poorboy: something substantial and inexpensive, like a big bottle of cheap wine
Pound: beat up
Proof: identification that shows you're old enough to buy liquor
Pucker palace: drive in movie
Punk: a weak, useless person
Put an egg in your shoe and beat it: leave
Put down: reject

beatnik kit      crackers
Beatnik marketing.

Quail hunting: pick up chicks
Queen: a popular girl
Quote: to repeat oneself

Radioactive: Very popular
Rags: sportswear
Rag top: convertible car
Rap: to tattle on someone
Rat: talk to the authorities
Rattle your cage: to get upset
Raunchy: messy, disgusting
Razz my berries: interest me
Real gone: very much in love.  can also mean unstable
Red onion: a really crappy bar
Refuel: eat
Righto: okay
Rock: diamond
Round up time: end of summer vacation
Roust: under arrest
Running lights: eyes

paperback      another paperback
He also wrote science fiction.  Go figure.

Saint Beatnik: Santa Claus
Salty: angry
Scene: something that's happening,. or a place where it's happening
Scooch: friend
Scorch: popular
Scream: go fast
Set of wheels: car
Sewer: someone who is incapable of keeping a secret
Shades: sunglasses
Shake it: forget it
Shape in a drape: a well dressed person
Short trip to Rio: coffee break
Shot down: failed
Shuck/Shuckster: a liar; a cheat
Sides: vinyl records
Sing: to tattle or inform on someone
Skin: dollar
Skinny: broke; out of money
Slated for crashville: out of control
Slides: photos
Slip me: give me
Slodge: friend
Sluff: to cut classes
Slurg: milkshake
Smog in the noggin: to forget something
Snagged stag: going steady
Snowed: infatuated
Soco: social conscience
Solo flight: going stag
Something else: so cool it defies description
Sophie: one's girlfriend
Sounds: music
Spadiodi: beatnik drink of port and cheap whiskey
Spaz: someone who is uncoordinated
Split: leave
Square: non cool person
Squaresville iron: jail
Squaresville peep: police lineup
Squatchel: having sex
Stable: garage
Stable the iron: park the car
Stick city: Nowheresville
Stoolie: informer
Straight: reliable, honest
Subterranean: a hipster
Swimsville: a good place
Swing/swinging: to really understand something worth digging
Swinging like sixteen: really wild
Swings in squareville: inferiority complex

Tank: a large sedan
That's close: something is wrong or untrue
The man: cops
Thin one: dime
Threads: clothes
Threw babies out of the balcony: to be successful
Thrill pills: Benzedrine, Dexedrine
Tight: good friends
Torniquette: wedding ring
Touch home: to make sense
Tough toenails: very difficult
Tube steak: hot dog
Tuned in: with it
Tuned out: to go away
Turn on: to inspire; also, to get involved with Beat culture, and can be used to mean language to shock tourists
Turn up the stereo: listen to me
Twin trees: high heels

beat generation      the rebel set
Yes, even Hollywood just didn't get it.

Unborn: extremely naive
Unreal: exceptional
Used to be: a person you used to date

Vacant: uncertain
Varicose alley: the runway in a strip club
Vitamin village: grocery store

beatnik riot      squars vs beats
Beats in the news.  Left: The actual number was multiplied by only about 500%.  Right: no false dichotomy there!

Wail: to play a tune well
Warden: a teacher
Washington: dollar bill
Wasteland: far away
Way out: unusual, innovative, extreme
Ways like a mowing machine: impressive sexual technique
Weed: cigarette

Weird with a beard: really weird "He's weird with a beard, man!"
Went down a storm: to be successful

Wet rag: someone who's no fun; unpopular
What's buzzin', cuzzin?: what's going on?
What's your tale, nightingale?: what's your story
Wig: to make others flip
Wig chop: a haircut
Wigged out: to get really annoyed.
Whistleburg: a place where many girls pass by
Wild: unusual
With it: to be aware; understanding
Word from the bird: the truth
Words: an attorney

X ray eyes: to understand something; to see through confusion

      beatniks from space      cookbook!
And if you're too chicken o be a beatnik you can always read about them, and cook what they eat.

Yard: one thousand dollars
Yoot: youngster
You make the king's jive: your English is good
You rang?: an acknowledgment that someone mentioned you

Zonked: intoxicated

Zonk on the head: a bad thing
Zoot: obsolete
Zorros: the jitters

    `rent a beatnik      coffee house
More beatnik marketing.