The Museum of Questionable Action Figures

Last updated 04/18/2018

Uh, kids, you do realize these are dolls, right?  Action Figures my *ss.


Is it an insult or a tribute?  We report.  You decide.

trump action figure

The new Donald Trump action figure, coming soon to a store near you.  Just the thing for that bad boy or girl you know.

trump action figure #2

Another Trump action figure.  he does not look happy.

trump troll

Donald Trump troll doll.  Finally, someone gets the hair right!

obama action figure

Barack Obama action figure.  But how well would he do against He-Man?

obama super hero figure

Another Obama action figure.  Do you get the impression he's liked a whole lot more than Donald Trump?

obama big ears

Another Obama figure.  He looks a little bit confused, and lost.

Religious Icons

Just keep in mind that the people doing these religious figures have reverence for the characters they portray.  There's no irony, and there's no subtext here.  Just keep saying that. 

jesus action figure

And a Jesus action figure.  Now, at last, you can find out who would win in a fist fight: Jesus or He-Man?

another jesus action figure

Another Jesus action figure, with crucifixion accessories!  And look at the muscles on that guy!

god almighty!!!

But wait.  Jesus is the son of God, and is also God too.  I am confused here.

jesus action figure???

This is pretty straightforward.  Until you see the image below.


The real Jesus called them and said he was going to sue them for using his image.  It's a miracle!

heroes of the kingdom!

Which is more powerful: Heroes of the Kingdom, or Masters of the Universe?  We need a WWE smackdown to decide this.

god jesus

And here is an interesting entry from Japan.  Mix up God and Jesus, and put them in a robot.  Voila!


These are all knockoffs; that is, unlicense figures with slightly changed names, done so the manufacturers don't get sued.  Honestly, these are more fun than the licensed toys out there, and in fact they're collectible in their own right.

super bat!!!

I don't know about you, but I think this would make a great comic book hero.

special man

Did he ride the short bus? 

batman, sort of

"We got some of these empty boxes."  "Put anything in them.  We have a shipment to make."

sense of right alliance

This is why bootleg toys are superior to licensed ones.  You wouldn't see this odd mix of characters in licensed toys.

sense of right 2

And another fine gathering of heroes!

Gao Rangers!

More variety for your hard earned dollar!

power rangers!!!

You have to admit: as a team, they would be unstoppable.

batman sort of

Hey, where's the problem?  Superman is waaaay cooler.

rubber batman

Slimy rubber Batman knockoff.  Say that ten times fast: I dare you!

Batchica is Spanish for Batgirl.  It looks like plain old Batman to me.



ninja tortoise

This makes sense.  When turtles mature, they become tortoises.

Movie/TV Icons

More knockoff fun.  These people have no respect whatsoever for the characters they're mocking.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

star knight

Return of the Jedi would have been a better film if this was in there.


Oh sure, I remember this character.

space war changes

Space War, before and after.  I guess 20th Century-Fox applied a little heat...

star world storage case

You need a case to store all of those knockoff figures, right?  We got you covered.

robert cop!!!

Well, his name COULD have been Robert, right?

titanic bot!!!

"This will sell.  If they like Trans Formers or the Titanic, we have a double audience..."

mister rock!

"Oh, Mr. Rock.  That wrestler guy, right?"


Oh sure, I remember when Thomas the tank engine became a TransFormer.  It was soooo cool.

big fella!!!

Well, fair enough.  I doubt anyone ever said that to his face and lived.  But still...