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Why Is It Called The Science Fiction and Beer Channel?

First off, above all else I am a science fiction fan.  I have been a science fiction fan since the mid 1960s.  I was delighted when I discovered science fiction conventions (and fanzine fandom) in the 1970s.  Imagine, a whole hotel full of people just like me!  I have made a small name for myself both as a fanzine editor and a dealer at conventions.  My room parties were always excellent modern examples of debauchery and vice.

The beer part is almost self-explanatory.  When you go to a science fiction convention, the one thing that is always present is beer.  In the hospitality suite there's usually beer on tap.  In the many room parties at science fiction conventions, there is always a bathtub filled with ice, soda, and canned beer.  Some of the better room parties serve home-brewed beer, along with fearsome concoctions usually consisting of ice, Kool Aid, and Vodka.

Beer is a universal constant of science fiction fandom.  If you find science fiction fans, you will find beer as well.

There are ROKU channels for science fiction fans, but to my taste they are of limited interest.  I wanted to put a channel together that would not only cover science fiction fandom, but the liquid fuel that fandom runs on: beer. 

I find it rather surprising that there are no ROKU channels devoted to home brewing.  Hopefully Science Fiction and Beer will lead the way to several channels on the subject.

So what is Science Fiction and Beer going to be about?  Science fiction in general, with an emphasis on media fandom.  We'll be going to science fiction conventions, and rating both the costumes and room parties. 

The beer at science fiction conventions falls into what I heard a bartender describe as "Both kind of beer: Bud and Miller."  Most room parties I have seen seem to specialize in getting bargain basement beer.  I would like to see that change, with either the emphasis shifted to better brands of beer (with Bud and Miller if not being outright banned, at least frowned on),   or onto home brew. 

Attention to everyone who throws science fiction convention room parties: if you have friends who are home brewers, they will be eager to supply you with all the beer you need.  This is because 1) home brewers always make more beer than they can possibly drink, and 2) home brewers really, really want to have lots of people try their beer.

I remember one home brewer I met at a convention in Indianapolis.  His stuff was the standard malt extract kit brew.  The kicker was that he bottled it in champagne bottles, and used plastic champagne corks. He also reused those corks over and over.  As a result, his bottles didn't hold much pressure; there was barely a prickle in his brew.  I pointed out to him that he could use crown caps on champagne bottles.  He was insistent that he was somehow saving money with his system.  "I always double carbonate," he added, as if that was a virtue.   By "double carbonate" I think he meant that he used 1 1/2 cups of corn sugar at bottling, instead of the standard 3/4 cup.  In a proper system, 1 1/2 cups of sugar per 5 gallons of beer would make beer bottles that would shoot up foam about 3 feet into the air when opened.  What you'd have left in the bottles would be a couple of inches of very yeasty beer.

So, in a way, I admire the guy: he found a way to do something wrong, but he did it in such a way as it would almost compensate for his errors.


Wanted: Co-Host For the Science Fiction and Beer Channel Talk Show

 If you live in St. Louis MO, have some spare time, an appetite for science fiction and beer, and your own transportation, we'd like to talk to you.  We need a co host for our talk show.  No pay involved, but there will be  plenty of beer and snacks.  Hit the email button below to apply.  If you live in Lemay, that is a definite plus./

We are also looking for a science fiction convention correspondent.  If you have any videotapes of conventions you attended, we'd be very happy to put them up on the ROKU channel.

 Too many science fiction fans feel that science fiction should be approached with a grim face.  I never did understand that.  Science Fiction and Beer will focus heavily on parody.  There's a lot of funny stuff going on in the fan community, and it's time someone acknowledged that.

I'm a big fan of the old science fiction movies that showed up on local TV channels, usually around 3AM or so.  Science Fiction and Beer will always focus heavily on such great old films.   Fan made films will also be featured.

Right now we're what software developers call the Beta testing phase. We're just trying to make sure everything works.  In a few months, we'll be adding content.  It's going to be a wild ride!

"We'll be like a combination of SYFY and FYDO.  Only we won't suck."

Happy Holidays From The Science Fiction and Beer Channel



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