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This page last updated 06/23/2018


I will be appearing at Inconjunction, an Indianapolis IN science fiction convention, I will have a seller's table there, and I will be having panels there on robot building, Roku channel development, and a panel on whether fanzines are dead. I'll also have a kickass room party, with my signature drink s'angrier (like sangria, only angrier), as well as a bathtub full of soda and beer, and excessive amounts of snacks and heartburn inducing foods.

I'll have a Roku attached to the room TV set, and films from the SF&B channel will be playing. This is going to be a great convention, an hopefully I will see some of you there.

Inconjunction website

My web hosting company had always allowed as many files as I wanted on my server.  Then they decided to limit the amount of files.  I had 60 GB of files, when the new, heretofore unmentioned limit was 30 GB.  They never contacted me about the problem.

Their solution was elegant: delete almost all of the biggest files: the mp4 (video) files. 

This is why so many videos are missing on the channel.  I am in the process of finding a new video server.  The old videos will be added, slowly but surely.  I will probably just delete what little they left, and move every video file to a new server.

And, eventually, I will have to find a new host company for this website.  I can't reward them for the way they treated me.

What's it all about?
Rather than go on and on about what the channel is about, I'll let the videos tell the story.

It's about good looking female fans!

It's About ROBOTS!


It's About BEER!



It's About Science Fiction and Beer Channel Produced VIDEOS!

All of this and more, and it's all commercial free!

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